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Latest Free Cheats, Codes, Hacks,Tips And Tricks


Call Of Duty K.E.M. Strike, Devastation Tips and Tricks

The latest DLC from Call of Duty is out and is called Devastation, with it there are new weapons and new maps as one would expect from these types of upgrades Check out this brand new gameplay video of the latest Call Of Duty DLC “DEVASTATION&” the map is called “Ruins” The new maps included are: Behemoth Columbia, USA Situated on a massive excavation vehicle, Behemoth is a narrow multi-level map, giving players flanking opportunities with danger around every corner.


G Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

The new Logitech G502¬†Proteus Core reaches 12,000 DPI resolution Logitech it was one of the pioneers in the creation of gaming peripherals, a range that now updated with the new G502 mouse with the world’s most accurate sensor. Peripheral deemmed for “gaming” , usually has certain characteristics in common, the first of which is an aggressive and out of the normal components design and other generally this feature is to allow a high level of customization and configuration to suit the tastes each gamer.


Sony leaves a little taste of Unity for PlayStation Mobile

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE ) announced that a preview of PlayStation Mobile Unity for a particular development environment for PlayStation Mobile ( PSM) is now available. Similar to the beta version that has been available to a small number of developers, this public preview of “Unity for PSM” is a fully integrated solution to “Unity” and Unity Technologies, and is optimized for content creation for PSM PlayStationVita .


New 2014 Facebook CastleVille Legends Hack

CastleVille Legends Hack has three basic functions: – adds coins – adds crowns – adds reputation Other Features: working with Facebook Working At BOTH iOS AND ANDROID DEVICES NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED FOR iDEVICES NO ROOTING Needed Forr ANDROID Machines Simple To Use – Ready INTERFACE 100% ACCOUNT SAFE Devices that it works with : iPod Touch ( 4th generation ) iPad IOS 4 .


Minecraft PSN for PlayStation 3 Teleportation Glitch

PS3 Minecraft is an independent game created by Markus Persson and Mojang team that is constantly evolving. the gamee combines an open world and various adventures in both single player mode and multiplayer, borrowing from various open world games allso allows building houses and other structures.


Infamous Second Son Walkthrough Gameplay

Sony gives us a new installment of the action series starring Delsin Rowe, a man with superhuman powers to help you fight against the oppression of the establishment. An exclusive sandbox for PlayStation 4 that comes from the hand of Sucker Punch witth a renewed graphic look that makes the most of an open world in which the title is developed and in which the player has total freedom to do good or wrong with his powers.


Perform amazing bike tricks in GTA 5


If you love tricks in GTA 5, get ready to learn another one this time around we will be showing you how to perform aerial maneuvers with your bike in GTA 5.


Trick to get the Sanchez bike in GTA 5

In GTA V ingenuity, skill with weapons and driving is rewarded , so if you want to improve your chances you may chose to learn the trick to getting the Sanchez motorbike in GTA 5 this by far is one of the best tricks for which we can use, when you trry it many times when having an emergency you will see how important it is to learn how to do it from memory.


Dark Souls 2 cheats, tips

Each of the characters available in Dark Souls 2 provides its own style and a different tactical approach, and this range increases with the selection of equipment and the freedom of action that is presented during the evolution of the character. Hoowever there are some general rules that can always be applied, and more importantly, are often what makes the difference between a win and a humiliating defeat.


PS4 and blue light of death, how to fix it step by step guide

The PS4 and blue light of death did not taken a long time to get noticed after the launch of the new Sony console, in just a few days users began to report bugs and system errors that was evident with the famous blue light gamers fear. Here you will learn how to solve the problem of the blue light of death.


FIFA 2014 cheats for for PS3 , PC and Xbox 360: turns, cheats and top players

Fifa 2014 , which is for many the best football simulator ahead of PES 2014 ( PS3 , Xbox 360 and PC ) has already gone on sale and with it a multitude of tricks, dribbles, cheats, shots on goal that are almost unstoppable and can arm players with an almost unbeatable team.


2014 PSVITA Game Releases

For those of us who have been screaming why we don’t have any good games, well it seems our prayers have been answered check out below the list of games coming to PSVITA in 2014. I’m sure there is more than enough there to keep the mobilee gamer from getting bored.

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