Facebook Farmville Snag Bar Download

The Snag Bar collects FarmVille bonuses from your own feed so you don’t have to stare at your feed every minute.

As many happy users of Snag Bar can testify, the toolbar makes their game more enjoyable! However If you’re looking for an officially approved toolbar by Zynga, Farmville Game Bar comes with a bonus collect feature too.
Snag Bar features
Coins Automatically Snag Items – Automatically get bonuses, animals, bouquets, and presents from your Facebook stream!
Bubble Get Notified – No need to stare your feed the whole day! We’ll do the work and notify you when we snag something!
Cog Choose what you want to snag New2 – Only want the eggs but not the pets? You can set your preference and choose what you want to snag!
Comments_facebook_icon Quick Link to Facebook – Access your Facebook home instantly!

Icon_fv Play Farmville Instantly – Check out your farm from the quick link and see all your prizes!
How do I use it?

Check out this quick overview:

Is this toolbar safe?

Absolutely 100% safe – no spyware, no virus, no ad banners and it’s 100% free. We never store personal data and you can uninstall the toolbar easily at anytime. If you have any problems or questions regarding the toolbar, please feel free to contact Gamers Unite! through their contact form.
Does the Snag Bar work only for Farmville?

Yes, currently only works for Farmville and despite a popular rumor, our Snag Bar does not collect Mafia War bonus from your feed.
Where can I get the Snag Bar?

Download it for free NOW

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