Payday 2: Big Oil mission Tip

It doesn’t matter if you get the intel or not in the beginning, you can still get the correct engine regardless.

Payday 2 Tips

  1. Once you get into the lab search around in both rooms…usually on one of the desks… for a notepad which will say either “Nitrogen” “Helium” or “Deuterium”
  2. After you have found this notepad go to the whiteboard which has these elements written on them & look for the color next to your element. This will tell you the color of the smaller tank on your engine.
  3. Now that you have your small tank color you need to find a 2nd notepad. this next notepad will say either “H” “2+H” or “3+H” Once you have this information you now know what color your small tank & how many hoses are connected to your big blue tank.
  4. Now you need look at all the computers in the lab & find the one that in the top right corner tells you a PSI number. For instance 5812 PSI or 5783 PSI.
  5. Now that you have this number it needs to be converted to BAR units which can be done by either googling “#### psi to bar” or multiply the number by .0689.
  6. With these 5 steps complete you can now find the engine that has these 3 pieces to the puzzle.

[Credit to DrakeGein]