Ninja Saga Stats and Attribute Build Guide

This is stats and build guide for Ninja Saga for you not make any regrets later on for you wasted build up. Or you don’t have to search for stats / attribute reset for ninja saga. Test it with your own risk.

Fire- Each point increases 0.4% to all types of damage, 0.4% chance to increase 30% damage in the next turn and 1% damage bonus to fire base attack (Ninjutsu).

Earth- Each point increases 30 max HP, 0.4% chance to cause 30% damage taken to the attacker as well and 1% damage bonus to earth base attack (Ninjutsu).

Lightning- Each point increases 0.4% critical chance, increase critical strike damage bonus by 0.8% and 1% damage bonus to lightning base attack (Ninjutsu).

Wind- Each point increases 0.4% dodge, 1 agility and 1% damage bonus to wind base attack (Ninjutsu).
Water- Each point increases 30 max CP, 0.4% chance remove all negative effect at the start of each turn and 1% damage bonus to water base attack and bonus to healing.

It’s up to you how to choose your build up your stats.

In the Game You Can Learn two types of element if you are not an Emblem User.
Example: when you learn the fire and lightning skill, you can only learn those fire and lightning skills.

Best Stats for me:

Pure Earth stats with Earth and Water Skill. Pure earth stats increases Your HP and your defense together with a Water skill (Healing) your character will be invincible. This is a very defensive build.

Pure Lightning stats with Lightning and Fire Skill. This character build is very offensive build. with a pure lightning stats you will gain a fearsome attack because of a High Critical damage and Critical chance and Together with a Fire skills which is known for a High Damage element.

Pure Wind stats with Wind and Fire Skill. Building this kind of character, patience is required. This build can be very effective if your character reach a high level. With a pure wind stats, you will be 2x faster than a normal character and can be untouchable because of a high dodge rate. And with a Fire Skill you can also have a High damage You can use to your opponents.

Pure Fire stats with Fire and Water skill. The Fire element is known for High Damage element, with pure fire stats, You will gain a demonic attack which is you can use to your opponents. Together with water skill, you can also have a Healing skill. This build is a High offense with Healing.

Pure Earth stats with Fire and Earth skill. Pure earth stats increases Your HP and your defense together with a Fire skills, you can also have a high damage. This build is defensive and offensive as well.

Hope this guide will help you build a great character stats.
Have a wise decision in Building Your Character stats.
Also try your own style, this is just my view on character building in ninja saga.

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