Millionaire City

Latest Millionaire City hack

1.Download cheat engine: 3-4 bungalows to (Goes out at the pizzeria it is not)
3.start cheat engine and select plugin container from (you have to clean with Firex fox)
4. Then you go to a bungalow at mliionaire city and goes up to 18 days and remains there
5. now you go to cheat engine and give values at 11 000 no, because for 18 hours for a dollar bungalow 11 000
6. then you choose left at addr ADDRESS from where ends 60
7. now you change the second to last in the ADDR pay by
8. 5C then you give in value 599 (which stands for the inhabitants of bungtalows and you can not do otherwise, it is not)

2 thoughts on “Latest Millionaire City hack

  1. kivircik

    ( MARCH 2011 NEW )

    Watch this video for the final hack for millionaire city (Coffee Shop Hack)
    Collect about $280,000$ per 1.5 minute

    Millionaire City Kahveci Hilesi için bir de ?u videoyu izleyin.
    1.5 Dakikada 280,000$ kazan?n


    You dont need any other browser lile opera or Mozilla. IE is also fine for the hack..
    Hack Codes are updated in the video regularly.

  2. Lorelei Calamarino

    Ik kwam uw site op Tweakers tegen en zag daar uw controller. Ik ben echter een linkshandige eenhandige en ben dan ook meer geïnteresseerd in controllers/trackballs die voor linkshandigen geschikt zijn.

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