Ninja Saga 1 Hit Kill All Hunting House Bosses… Working 28/01/2011

Requirements :
1. Cheat Engine 5.6.1 —> Download here
2. Firefox 3.6 —> Download here


1. Open firefox & log in to your ninja saga account

2. Go to hunting house & choose the boss… this screen will appear..

3. Click on “Attack” button…

4. Then u will find yourself standing in front of the boss…. this time don’t attack by weapon or jutsu… just stand your ground.. & do the following

5. Open cheat engine & u will see this kind of UI (user interface)

6. Click on flashing button on the top left corner…

7. Choose “plugin-container.exe” from the process list

8. Now do the following settings in cheat engine:

Scan Type –> Exact Value
Value Type –> 4 Bytes

9. Now Type the HP of the boss in the scan field

7293 – Ginkotsu
12760 – Shikigami Yanki
27950 – Gedo Sessho Seki
12052 – Wind Tengu
15819 – Fire Tengu
75816 – Byakko
90720 – Ape King
132800 – Battle Turtle

10. Now Click on “First Scan” button.

11. u will see some results coming in left side window..

12. Now return to Ninja Saga & attack the boss & see the value of the damage you have done..

13. Now return to the cheat engine & see the values in the left window… 1 value should get changed to exactly “Boss HP – ur damage”

eg. i just fought a battle turtle.. i scaned HP of turtle.. i.e. 132800…. then when i attacked him i did the 980 damage.. then 1 of the value should changed to exactly “131820” which is exactly “132800 – 980″…

14. once you find this value.. double click on the value just above that changed value..

15. now u will see that double clicked value appeared in CE table..

16. now double click on the “value” part..

17. change it to “0” & press “OK”

18. Now return to ninja saga & attack the boss & the boss will be Dead…

That’s it.. Enjoy!!!!

1. i recommend that you don’t recruit any friend & should deactivate ur pet to get the accurate results
2. if u dont find the “plugin-container.exe” process then that means your firefox is not of version 3.6.. so u need to upgrade it… Download link is given above..

Well now.. Go Fu*k the boss… Enjoy & don’t forget to click “Thanks” if i help…..

u have double clicked an address which got affected by ur attack.. thats wrong thing… u have to double click the address above the affected address..

for example if ginkotu’s HP is 7293 & u attack him with 100 damage the ur addresses will be like this

Address – Value
0A4564 – 7293
04442A – 7293
00321E – 7193

the 3rd one is affected so u have to choose adress just above 3rd.. that is u have to choose 2nd address..

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    i have done all the steps correctly but it says connection error after i done the steps above..

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