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GodsWar Online 1.0.242 HACK | Latest Free Cheats, Codes, Hacks,Tips And Tricks


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GodsWar Online 1.0.242 HACK

GodsWar Online – NEW PATCH 1.0.242 HACK .. by Tiger Cheat Team


Adapted to the latest versions dupe hack, speed hack, zoom hack, attackspeed hack, teleport hack..

You need to do is to copy the contents of this folder, Godswar Online folder to paste files

And click GodsWar Hack Client ..

After logging in to the game, and Press ” Insert ” button and Select the desired cheats

Note: Hack only working Gemini and Zeus servers

Valid commands;

#=speed 1 ( Speed On )
#=speed 0 ( Speed Off )

#=attack 1 ( Attack Speed On )
#=attack 0 ( Attack Speed Off )

#=zoom 1 ( Zoom Hack On )
#=zoom 0 ( Zoom Hack Off )

#=teleport 1 ( Teleport On )
#=teleport 0 ( Teleport Off )


#=go Type in the desired coordinate .. For example ( #=go 255,111 )


Press Insert and click button Gold and E-Gold Dupe Hack


For example

#=goldamount ( #=goldamount 100000 )
#=egoldamount ( #=egoldamount 100000 )

Download Link:

Godswar Hack NEW 1.0.242 PATCH RELEASED.rar … at uploaded.to – Free File Hosting, Free Image Hosting, Free Music Hosting, Free Video Hosting, …

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  1. Is this only for GWO clients??, co’z I’m an FB user myself… plz tell me where the “content of this folder” is?, to paste files in the GWO folder..plz.. ^ ^

  2. Can i know if it is an cheat engine… pm me in youtube 26divinerapier plz i need vid.. thnx xo much

  3. can you pls texh me how to hack… pls teach me how to do it… send me reply to my email.. ty.. im from server 15 godwswar hack plssss…

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