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How To Hack GP In PES 2011 PC


In PES 2011, there is a new option called Extra Content. Many of new content you can unlock from that option. But to use that extra content, you must buy it using your GP (game point). You  want to buy all of that stuff? Boost up your GP using this method. Let’s begin!!

Tools Needed

Download Cheat Engine : Here


  • * After you finish download Cheat engine and install it, open your PES 2011.
  • * After that, minimize your PES 2011 and open Cheat Engine.
  • * Click the computer icon >> choose pes2011.exe >> Open
  • * Type your GP in Hex value blank area then click First Scan.
  • * After that, buy something to change your GP. (Like the video tutorial above)
  • * Once you done bought an item, type your current GP in Hex value blank area >> Next scan
  • * Then, double click each number than change the value to any amount you want.
  • * DONE!

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