All Cat/Familiar Locations in Forspoken

Forspoken is an action-based, role-playing game, which follows the journey of Frey, a New Yorker who has been transported to the stunning, yet torturous, land of Athia, and she has to use her magical powers to cross the land and get back home. If you’re a cat-lover and want to catch all the cats/familiars in Forspoken to earn the Cat Person trophy, we have a list of all 20 locations where you can find them.

All Cat/Familiar Locations

There are 20 different familiars that can be caught, and there is one found in Cipal, five in Praenost, five in Avoalet, five in Visoria, and four in Junoon. You’ll want to open up the in-game map and look for small, pawprints, which correspond with Tanta Familiar Monuments in these regions as you explore Athia.

At these monuments, you are able to summon pets of the past Tantas of Athia. To catch a familiar, you’ll use Cuff to scan and locate the cat nearby–we also have a more detailed kind on catching familiars if you need it.

Cat/Familiar Name Location
Advik The Sacred Peaks (Cipal)
Clere Middle Praenost (Praenost)
Constantia Brass Hollow (Praenost)
Ledat Fields of the Fallen (Praenost)
Mia Dianthus Wood (Praenost)
Ziti Opal Hills (Praenost)
Aramak The Untrodden Forest (Avoalet)
Gregoire Golden Hills (Avoalet)
Rinat The Moulderings (Avoalet)
Saglan The Water Garden (Avoalet)
Sana The Water Garden (Avoalet)
Eldie Academy Hills (Visoria)
Kennah Tanta’s Demense (Visoria)
Leite The Windy Hills (Visoria)
Sigrun Homestead Hills (Visoria)
Zestion Inner Visoria (Visoria)
Bodhi The Blossomwoods (Junoon)
Chini Cipalian Way (Junoon)
Esha The Wolfwoods (Junoon)
Kalpana Cipalian Way (Junoon)

We recommend clearing out nearby enemies when trying to catch the familiars as they will often startle if they sense enemies close to them!

Hopefully, this location guide for catching all of the familiars/cats in Forspoken has helped you earn the Cat Person trophy! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Forspoken coverage.

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