Apex Legends Season 15 Countdown – Release Time & Date

Apex Legends is releasing Season 15 which will bring the new legend Catalyst and the map Broken Moon to the game. There’s also gifting, stickers, and you can now use all legends in the firing range to test them out. If you’ve been waiting anxiously for Apex Legends Season 15, we’ve got a countdown ticking down to when it will be released.

Apex Legends Season 15 Release Date & Time

Apex legends Season 15 Countdown

Apex legends Season 15 Details

Apex Legends Season 15 Release Date & Time

Apex legends Season 15 is scheduled to be released on November 1st, 2022. The release time should be the same across the globe, so here’s a look at when that will be in your neck of the woods:

  • Americas – November 1st at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 2pm BRT
  • Europe – November 1st at 5pm GMT / 6pm CET
  • China – November 2nd at 1am CST
  • Australia – November 2nd at 4am AEDT

Apex legends Season 15 Countdown

If you are a bit confused about the timezones and want to know exactly how long you have to wait for the game to release we have a countdown for you below. Once the countdown reaches zero for the platform you will be playing on, you should be able to play Apex legends Season 15 wherever you live!

Apex legends Season 15 is now available!

Apex legends Season 15 Details

If you want to learn a bit more about the game, check out the following trailer:

You can also check out some details about the new Legend, Catalyst:

As a teenager on Boreas, Tressa Crystal Smith and her coven of friends prayed for and by the light of their broken moon. But fate brought her up to it when she ran away at fifteen to join a terraforming crew working to rebuild the moon. She took to the work, feeling a connection between her work with ferrofluid and the rituals of her past. But the unwelcome arrival of the Apex Games brought her peaceful life to an end. Now she joins the Games as Catalyst, a Legend determined to bring change and defend her home. She can use her ferrofluid to reinforce doors, form piercing spikes and obscure the playing field with high ferrofluid walls. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and by the time her opponents make the call? It’ll be far too late.

PASSIVE: Barricade

Reinforce doors, strengthening them and locking them to enemies’ spaces where doors have been destroyed can also be reinforced.

TACTICAL: Piercing Spikes

Throw out a patch of Ferrofluid which turns into spikes when enemies are near. Catalyst remains immune to enemy spikes.


Raise a permeable wall of Ferrofluid. Enemies who walk through it will be slowed and partially blinded for a brief time.

That is everything you need to know on when Apex legends Season 15 will be launching around the world! You can find more about when all sorts of things will be coming out in the Countdowns section of our website!

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