Atlas build for Omega Strikers – Skills Guide!

Omega Strikers is the latest free-to-play knockout game where players compete against another team by scoring more goals. Each character possesses skills that can speed up progression, push foes outside of the playable area, and more. One of the characters, Atlas, is capable of restoring health to allies while defeating enemies. If you want to learn about Atlas in Omega Striker, we’ve got you covered in this guide!

Atlas Skills and Training Guide

Atlas Omega Striker Skills ImageAtlas Omega Striker Skills Image
Image: Omega Strikers

To fully utilize Atlas’ power in the field, you have to first understand his skills. Atlas has a difficulty of 2/3 and is preferred to be played as either a support attacker or goalie. His primary skill, Astral Projection, can launch an arcing projectile at each enemy it hits and deal medium damage. His secondary skill, Cosmic Expanse, creates an expanding ring of light that vanishes quickly. This ring will shrink if it hits any enemies and deals medium damage. His special skill, Celestial Intervention, creates a guardian who continuously heals nearby allies. The guardian can also save allies that would be K.O.’d by transporting them to its location and restoring 15% of their stagger bar.

Atlas’ ultimate skill is a powerful support tool. It is best to use this skill whenever you are in a clash and observe your allies’ health bar. This skill is an extreme table turner as it can continuously heal allies. Use his primary and secondary skills to deal decent damage against enemies and inflict stagger. His secondary skill can also be used defensively by placing a shield to stop the core.

Atlas Omega Striker Trainings ImageAtlas Omega Striker Trainings Image
Image: Omega Strikers

Atlas is primarily played as a goalie or a goalkeeper. As such, his build or training should focus on the proper usage of his ultimate to support his allies before they get eliminated. Built Different is essential as a goalie as you gain 30% in size and hit 5% harder. The next training is Crossover, as each strikes grant 30% haste for 1.5 seconds. Finally, you can choose either Creator of Durable Things or Extra Special. Creator of Durable Things can give your guardian additional size and durability, while Extra Special can significantly reduce the cooldown of the special ability.

That’s all the details you need to know when playing Atlas in Omega Strikers. For more great content, check out the games section of our site!

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