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Ball Blast APK 1.99

Another enjoyable Arcade Game with a simple premise and amazing execution. Sink your teeth in the experience first-hand. Download Ball Blast for Android – avoid and disrupt the incoming ball at all cost.

Table of Contents

How to Play Ball Blast

The objective of the Ball Blast game is pretty clear. You will need to control a cannon from side to side while focusing on 2 things.

  • First, you will see these balls with number on them. The numbers indicate how many times they need to be hit in order to dissipate. So, you will need to focus on blasting them until they have completely been disposed of.
  • Second, the balls will continue to bounce off the ground. If they hit you, that’s an immediate game over. Meaning, you need to remember to avoid these obstacles at all costs.

These two missions seem easy at first. But, once you begin to play and understand the game more, it can actually change quite suddenly. Difficulty will spike at random times and you’ll be faced with some seemingly indestructible balls in your path.

What we mean is, there will be moments where balls will have over one and even ten thousand displayed on them. Now, let that sink in for a moment. Just how many times will you need to shoot and avoid this ball before it can be neutralized? Our guess is – a long time.


To give an example of the difference. It takes one person to do level 500 the same amount of time as it would to get from level 1 to 12. Once you begin playing, you’ll understand exactly how long that really is.


Of course, you have the opportunity to upgrade your cannon and the shots you fire. First of all, you can change the size and overall speed of your cannon. This will help you avoid multiple balls coming your way, at once.

On the other hand, you can also upgrade your cannon weapon. Have multiple shots volley simultaneously. This way, balls will be turned to dust before they can even reach you.


Ultimately, it’s absolutely necessary to upgrade your cannon if you wish to stand a chance during the later levels of the game. These upgrades will cost coins, the currency within the game. Rack them up by playing through levels; balls will also drop coins for you.


Ball Blast also controls well. You simple need to swipe left and right to control your cannon. Your volleys will be automatically fired, so there is no need to worry about multitasking between movement and offense.

As such, with the easy control and simple interface, anyone can play this game. Children and adults alike will have a great time playing this addicting classic Arcade Game

Ball Blast APK Free Download

Additionally, you can choose to download the modified version of the APK fie. With this Ball Blast APK download for Android, you can enjoy additional features that were not present in the base game.


Aside from saving mobile data and storage, as well as a faster download speed, here is what else you’ll get:

  • Unlimited Coins (Increase when spent)
  • No ads

So, go ahead and pick your version. Depending on whether you like the grind, or you want to cheat the game and get a head start. Regardless of your preference, you’ll still enjoy the experience

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