Best Iron Hands build for Salamence Tera Raid in Pokemon Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have prepared a challenging time-limited Tera Raid event in which players may have the chance to battle a Four- and Five-Star Tyranitar and Salamence Tera Raid. Salamence‘s spawn rate will increase exclusively in Pokémon Violet Tera Raid battles. Salamence will emerge in a variety of Tera types, so it’s best to participate in as many raids as possible to get them all. If you are facing a Salamence with Steel Tera Type, Iron Hands might be an excellent pick.

Iron Hands is the latest Fighting, Electric-type Paradox Pokemon that is resistant to Steel-type moves. It also has an incredible Base Atk. stat of 140. As such, it can hold up well even against a Salamence with Steel Tera type. If you want to know the best Iron Hands build for the Salamence Tera Raid, this guide has you covered! 

Best Iron Hands Moveset and Held Item

Best Iron Hands Build Salamence Tera Raid Pokemon Scarlet ImageBest Iron Hands Build Salamence Tera Raid Pokemon Scarlet Image
Image: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

To make the most out of Iron Hands and succeed in the Salamence Tera Raid, you must know the best moveset and held item for this Pokémon. In addition, it is ideal for Iron Hands to have a Fighting Tera Type to double the power of its Fighting-type STAB.

Iron Hands’ Quark Drive can boost its highest stat by 30% when holding a Booster Energy or when Electric Terrain is active. Iron Hands should also have a Belly Drum move which boosts its Attack by 6 stages. Iron Hands’ moveset should also include the Drain Punch move to recover HP. 

It is also ideal to give Iron Hands an Adamant Mint to maximize its Attack stat. In the Salamence Tera Raid, Iron Hands should also have a Punching Glove held item to further boost its Drain Punch by 10%. Punching Glove is available at the Delibird Presents shop in Mesagoza.

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That’s everything you need to know for the best Iron Hands build for the Salamence Tera Raid. For more great content, check out the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet section of our site!

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