Best Pokemon to catch Pokemon in Legends Arceus

Catching Pokemon is the thing to do in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! While most games from the franchise have you looking to complete your PokeDex, none of them center their focus on it quite like this one. While you can sneak up on the majority of the species you are looking to capture, you will eventually need to battle them to get them into your PokeBall. If you want to make sure you grab these ones each time, we’ll tell you what Pokemon you should use and the moves they should have in this guide.

Best Pokemon Catcher

The best Pokemon to catch other Pokemon with in the game is Parasect. While it’s not the fanciest species you can use, it is able to learn two moves that are vital to getting Pokemon.

Parasect can be found all over the Crimson Mirelands and Cobalt Coastlands areas of the game. It’s an incredibly common Pokemon. You can also grab a Paras early on and level it up to get Parasect a bit sooner.

When capturing a Pokemon in a battle, you will want two moves in particular:

False Swipe is one of the abilities you need, because it can be used to attack your prey without worrying about them getting knocked out. It will not reduce a Pokemon’s health below 1 hp, which puts it at its most vulnerable to capture.

The other you will want is something that either paralyzes or sleeps the Pokemon you are trying to catch. This can be things like Stun Spore, Hypnosis, Thunder Wave, and various others.

Parasect can learn both False Swipe and Stun Spore, which makes it one of the best candidates for this job.

False Swipe is not learned naturally by any Pokemon, but can be obtained by certain species by heading to the Training Grounds and getting the move tutored by Zisu.

Teaching False Swipe In Pokemon Legends Arceus ImageTeaching False Swipe In Pokemon Legends Arceus Image

Try to level up your Parasect as much as possible. You don’t have to worry about overdoing it because you will only be using False Swipe and Stun Spore. Give it all the Grit items you have so you can boost its HP, Defense, and Attack. This will help you knock down the other Pokemon’s health faster and allow you to survive their attacks.

If you want to use a more well-rounded Pokemon, you can use Gallade. It can learn False Swipe and it also has access to Hypnosis. The only problem with Gallade is that catching one can be difficult, because they are high level and I believe only an Alpha version can show up in the wild. Alternatively, you can evolve a Male Kirlia with a Dawn Stone to create one.

That’s everything you need to know about having the best Pokemon to catch other Pokemon. You will find a variety of other great content on the game in the Pokemon Arceus section of our website.

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