Best Wild Rift Samira Build Guide – Abilities & Guide!

Samira is the latest League of Legends Wild Rift champion to join the roster in Patch 3.3b. Samira is a non-traditional marksman who can switch from ranged to melee form. She is usually played in Duo Lane. She can block projectiles and is a combo-reliant champion to use her ultimate, Inferno Trigger. Follow this guide for Samira’s best item build, runes, and spells to carry the game.

Best Samira Build, Runes, and Spells

Lol Wild Rift Samira Best Items Runes Spells ImageLol Wild Rift Samira Best Items Runes Spells Image
Image: League of Legends Wild Rift

To utilize Samira’s full potential, it is best to stack her passive, Daredevil Impulse, to use her ultimate, Inferno Trigger. She can only use her ultimate when her current style rating is “S”. As such, she heavily relies on her combo set by upgrading her style from “E” to “S”. 

To maximize her damage, she should have items that build attack damage. She dashes forward around her enemies and uses combos from her abilities. Bloodthirster is essential for Samira, since having a physical vamp and a shield from its passive will allow her survive longer in a clash and deal more damage. Infinity Edge will give her the most damage and her critical strikes will be more powerful. Alternatively, Gluttonous Greaves may be switched with Statis Enchant and Rapid Firecannon may be switched with Phantom Dancer

For Samira’s runes, be sure to take Conqueror. Through this, she can maximize her damage through the extra attack stats and omni-vamp by Conqueror. Take Hunter-Vampirism to gain more physical vamp as you get a takedown. Nullifying Orb gives Samira a shield that absorbs incoming damage when her health is low. Lastly, Hunter-Genius can give her Ability Haste after every takedown so she can use her abilities often. Alternatively, you can switch Hunter-Genius with Sweet Tooth.

For summoner spells, Flash is a must on all champions to get you out of a bad situation or to close the gap, allowing a change from ranged to melee to get the killing blow. Your next spell is Exhaust which can use to slow down her enemies to quickly activate her ultimate.

That’s all the details you’ll need to know for the best Samira build to carry the game. For more great content, check out the League of Legends section of our site!

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