Boi What the Hell Boi Sound Effect Roblox ID

If someone is acting sus in Roblox, then you’re going to want to hit em with the correct sound effect. One good one is Boi What the Hell Boi, which is used in a variety of TikToks and YouTube compilations. If you’re wondering how to use this in Roblox, we’ve got the exact ID you need to have it play in a variety of games.

Boi What the Hell Boi Sound Effect

The Boi What the Hell Boi sound effect ID for Roblox is 6942567809. This can be used in your next Roblox experience, or you can take the id and place it in your boombox to use in game!

To test this ID out in Roblox, you can join a game that allows you the use of a free boombox. There the game FRBM, which you can click on the radio, paste in the id, and then hit play to hear it. This game is nice because you can also mute everyone else’s boomboxes, so you aren’t hearing sounds you don’t want to listen to!

If you’re curious what this sounds like, take a listen via this YouTube video:

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