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Brr-Zerker Leveling Build Guide – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is set to release March 25th, giving us very little time to prepare ourselves for the chaotic world Tiny Tina has prepared for us. Attacking any Borderlands games without a good build can lead the unprepared to disaster. We’ve put together this build to level up with the Brr-Zerker class that we think will help you on your journey through the Wonderlands.

Wonderland’s Brr-Zerker Rundown

Brr-Zerker Character Creation

Brr-Zerker Frost Damage Leveling Build

First 10 Skill Points

Skill Points 11-20

Skill Points 21-30

End of Build

Wonderland’s Brr-Zerker Rundown

Brr-Zekers are just like their D&D namesake. Their class feat, Rage of the Ancients, reads as follows:

“Using an Action Skill causes the Fatemaker to become Enraged, adding bonus Frost Damage to their attacks. Enrage Duration will not deplete while an Action Skill is active and ends if the Fatemaker enters Save Your Soul. Activating an Action Skill when already Enraged restores a portion of the Enrage timer.”

This is really powerful, but if you don’t already see why, here a brief explanation: Not only do Brr-Zerkers get bonus damage on their attacks courtesy of their Enrage (frost damage too, which I assume functions similar to Cryo damage in BL3 and slows enemies), but the fact that Enraging is tied to action skill use makes pairing this class with others really useful. Multiclassing in Wonderlands gives you access to a total of four action skills, allowing you to pick the one you like best and make use of it with the Brr-Zerker’s class feat.

Brr Zerker ImageBrr Zerker Image

For this build, we’re going to focus on the Brr-Zerker’s frost damage. While this doesn’t pair incredibly well with multiclassing on the surface, it’s important to master one class before you move on to another. With this build, you’ll have a solid foundation for your Brr-Zerker, and any excess skill points can be spent making them better in whatever way you see fit.

Brr-Zerker Character Creation

To start building your character, you must first pick the right options in character creation. These starting stats help give you the boost you need towards building your character and can save you a lot of hassle later.

Brrzerker Background ImageBrrzerker Background Image

For this build, I liked to take the Rogue Alchemist background. While this background is attributed to “savvy” characters, the 16% increased Status damage is huge for our frost damage build and is the ideal choice without sacrificing much in the way of stats the Brr-Zerker needs.

Brrzerker Hero Points ImageBrrzerker Hero Points Image

Next, put two points into Wisdom and the rest into Constitution. This brings your status damage up to +20% and will offset the huge loss in max hp/ward. From here, you can continue leveling Wisdom, but it may be better instead to put your points into Constitution.

Brr-Zerker Frost Damage Leveling Build

Because we don’t know exactly how skill points you gain per level in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands just yet, I can’t tell you what levels you will be obtaining these skills. Instead, we’re going to be focusing on the priority of which you should be leveling up each ability, tracking 10 skill points at a time. Remember that you unlock the next tier of abilities every 5 skill points spent.

Assuming Wonderlands functions similarly to other Borderlands games, we should have a total of 50 skill points to spend by max level. We won’t be spending all of them in this build, but we will be keeping that budget in mind.

First 10 Skill Points

This one is a no-brainer. One of the very first abilities we gain access to is Ancestral Frost, which increases your frost damage. For a frost damage build, this is the core ability we’re going to be leveling. Put 5 points into this, which will then unlock the next tier.

Image 2 ImageImage 2 Image

Next, you want to put 3 points into Ice Breaker, maxing the ability out. Ice Breaker gives you bonus damage against slowed enemies, ramping up the closer they are to being frozen. This is basically a buff to your frost damage, as all frost damage you deal will slow an enemy.

Image 3 ImageImage 3 Image

Next, I would go back to your tier one abilities and put 2 points into Savagery. This will buff your melee damage, but more importantly it will increase the duration of your Enrage, giving you more time to use your buffed frost damage.

Image 4 ImageImage 4 Image

Once you’ve maxed out Savagery, you will unlock your third tier of abilities.

Skill Points 11-20

At this point, you want to dump your next three skill points into the tier 3 ability Cold Snap. This ability increases the efficiency of your frost damage, making it easier to freeze enemies. Not only does this help you stun enemies with the frozen status effect, it also gives you more damage from your Ice Breaker passive.

Image 5 ImageImage 5 Image

Next, put 3 skills into Blood Frenzy, so your Enrage is up more often and you have a little bit of healing to keep you going.

Image 6 ImageImage 6 Image

Next, put one point into Unarmored Defense, maxing out the ability. This will increase your tankiness and help you get to the next tier of abilities. At this point, you should also be able to get the tier 4 ability Relentless Rage instead. If you do, just make sure you come back for Unarmored Defense later.

Image 7 ImageImage 7 Image

For your last three skill points, circle back to Savagery and max the skill point.

Skill Points 21-30

At this point, you already have a pretty solid build put together, and we’re just wrapping it up with the rest of our skill points.

First, put one point into Relentless Rage, or Unarmored Defense if you took Relentless rage earlier. Relentless Rage is a powerful sounding ability that should help keep you alive when in the Save Your Soul status, while also putting you back into Enrage when you get up.

Image 8 ImageImage 8 Image

Next, put four points into Ancient Fury. This increases your max health and AoE damage, which you will need for the next ability we’re going to level.

Image 9 ImageImage 9 Image

Put one point into Blast Chill, giving you a frost nova effect that synergies with you frost damage and Ancient Fury damage increases.

Image 11 ImageImage 11 Image

From here, you can either point three points into Iron Squall and one point into Ancient Fury, or just four points into Iron Squall. This will unlock the last skill in the skill tree, which you need to finish the build.

End of Build

Point one point into Blood of the Fallen, an important ability that will reduce your action skill cooldowns and extend your skills. At this point, you will reach the end of the skill tree and wrap up the Frost Damage build.

Image 12 ImageImage 12 Image

At this point, you’ve used 31 skill points, and the rest you get are up to you to spend as you see fit. Use them to finish up some of the Brr-Zerker abilities we left unfinished, or use them on your chosen subclass. Either way, you already have a complete build that should tackle most content with ease.

That’s all you need to know for this Brr-Zerker Frost Damage leveling build! This is a solid build that should help you through your first adventure in Wonderlands. Leave a comment below if you found this guide helpful, and check out our other Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Guides.

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