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Builder Potion Recipe for Terraria

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that has been around for over decade but has been loved and enjoyed over the years while still being developed by Re-Logic; it is easy to get into the game as it is available across many platforms. The game leans into crafting and building, along with exploration, combat, and more. If you need to know how to make a Builder potion in Terraria, we have the recipe!

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How to make Builder Potion in Terraria

To make a Builder Potion in Terraria, you will need 1x Bottled Water, 1x Blinkroot, 1x Shiverthorn, 1x Moonglow. You can then combine these ingredients in a Placed Bottle or at the Alchemy Table. This potion grants a buff that increases placement speed and range for 45 minutes.

Potions are consumable items that are categorized into four major types: Buff Potions, Recovery Potions, Food/Drink Potions, and Flasks. Buff Potions add a temporary buff once consumed. Recovery potions restore mana, health, or a combination of the two. Food/Drink potions grant three food-related buffs when consumed. Flasks give temporary melee and whip-specific buffs when consumed. There are some additional potions in Terraria that don’t fit any of those categories, though!

Builder Potion Recipe

Here is the recipe for Builder Potion and where to find the ingredients needed to make this buff potion!

Ingredients Where to Find Ingredients
1x Bottled Water Recovery potion crafted with empty bottle + water or sink
1x Blinkroot Grows on Dirt and Mud Blocks or harvested after planting Blinkroot Seeds
1x Shiverthorn Grows on Snow and Ice Blocks
1x Moonglow Grows on Jungle grass (Jungle, Underground Jungle)

Once you have all of the ingredients, you can craft them at a Placed Bottle or via an Alchemy Table. You will need a flat piece of furniture, like a table, work bench, etc. to suffice as the Placed Bottle. An Alchemy Table is preferable if you are concerned about consumption of materials as it has a 33% chance not to consume the ingredients you’ve used to create a potion.

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We hope this recipe guide has helped you learn how to make a Builder Potion in Terraria! Check out all of our Terraria coverage.

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