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Can You Play Nightingale on Steam Deck? – Answered

There’s nothing quite like sitting on your couch, 10 feet from your computer, and booting up your Steam Deck — a handheld computer — to play your favorite games on a less powerful system but in a more comfortable spot. If you want to sit comfortably, too, then you probably want to know if you can play Nightingale on Steam Deck.

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Does Nightingale Support Steam Deck on Launch?

This is one feature that developer Inflexion Games recently discussed when they released their FAQ about Early Access. Regarding Steam Deck support, the studio said they’re working on compatibility and hope to provide an update before the game releases in Early Access, but it may come shortly after. As such, it’s unlikely that Nightingale will fully support Steam Deck on release, as the game only offers partial controller compatibility, but it could happen in the future.

Furthermore, Nightingale does require a constant internet connection to play the game. Despite offering a single-player mode, it’s a persistent world based around linked Realms, and that means remaining connected to the game’s servers. You have the ability to open up your Realm to a party with the flip of a switch… Or by selecting the right setting in the menu.

Many folks play on Steam Deck on their way to work, while on the job, or because they recently went on a trip and won’t have an internet connection during their vacation. These folks, sadly, will be unable to play Nightingale without Wi-Fi.

For what it’s worth, Nightingale does feature extensive accessibility features, including an arachnophobia mode and the ability to turn off motion blur. You can even remove the head bob while moving in the first- or third-person camera view. There are a lot of fantastic features that make it worthwhile to play the game on PC, even if that means forgoing the Steam Deck for a short period while the team figures out handheld optimization.

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