Demonfall: All Breathing Styles

If you’re just heading into Roblox Demonfall, then you’re going to want to know a lot more about the breathing styles you can obtain. These are the things that give you a huge power boost, and will need to be leveled up to gain stronger abilities. Choose your style wisely, because each one has its strengths and weaknesses! We’ve got a full list of all of the Breathing Styles available in the game, as well as the forms that each of them contains.

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Breathing Styles List

NEW: Insect Breathing

Mesmerizing and Colorful

  • Passive: Enemies hit by your sword will be inflicted with poison.


  1. Dance of the Butterfly – Jump into the air and land behind your opponent with a strike
  2. Dance of the Dragonfly – Quickly stab your sword multiple times forward
  3. Dance of the Centipede – Disappear into a cloud of butterflies to evade attackers
  4. Dance of the Spider – Lunge forward and knockback your enemy

Flame Breathing

Sooo hot

  • Passive: Your blade turns red, and is seemingly engulfed in fire, anyone hit is lit on fire.


  1. Unknowing Fire – Charge forward with multiple swings of a fiery sword
  2. Rising Scorching Sun (Guard Break) – Dash forward and swing your fiery sword
  3. Flame Bend – Release all of your flames in a single slash
  4. Blooming Flame Undulation – Swings sword in a 360 motion and launches a fiery arc forward that defends incoming attacks
  5. Flame Tiger (Guard Break) – Fiery spin slash
  6. Rengoku – A devastating attack that creates a fiery dragon that launches forward. This attack can be charged to create a larger dragon and further destruction!

Mist Breathing



  1. Eight-Layered Mist – Unleash eight quick slashes
  2. Scattering Mist Splash – Turn to mist and become immune for a few seconds
  3. Shifting Flow Slash – Quickly dash forward slashing your sword repeatedly
  4. Sea of Clouds and Haze – Teleport behind your enemy
  5. Judgment Cut (Guard Break) – Dash backwards and deal damage to your enemy at a distance
  6. Obscuring Clouds – Form a cloud of mist that obscures the area and disorients enemies within

Thunder Breathing

Faster than light?

  • Passive: Generate electricity from your sword
  • Bonus: Additional stun attacks


  1. Thunderclap and Flash (Guard Break) – Briefly charge up and dash forward with a sword slash
  2. Six Fold – Similar to form 1, but slash additional times in multiple directions
  3. Rice Spirit – Generate five straight attacks around the user
  4. Thunder Swarm – Create a spinning wave of thunder that will strike all-around the enemy
  5. Heat Lightning (Guard Break) – A single focused slashing attack

Water Breathing

Calm and Relax

  • Passive: Each hit gets 15% of breath bar


  1. Surface Slash – Simple water sword slash
  2. Water Wheel (Guard Break) – Dashes and attacks forward as a wheel of water
  3. Flowing Dance – Slashes sword multiple times and creates after images to confuse enemy
  4. Striking Tide – Dash forward and slash sword in a wave
  5. Whirlpool (Guard Break) – Slashes sword extremely fast in a 360 motion to create a huge whirlpool of water

Wind Breathing

Tempest Blade

  • Passive: Faster movement speed


  1. Dust Claw (Guard Break) – Briefly draw your sword upwards and swing it down to create a four claw slash forward
  2. Purifying Wind – Leap back into the air and create a green tornado that will knock back enemies
  3. Lotus Tempest – Dash forward with incredible speed via a cyclone
  4. Gale Slash – Jump backward and release a huge gust of wind forward
  5. Wind Typhon (Guard Break) – Jump into the air and unleash a huge circular gust of wind that slashes the opponent

Coming Soon

These are all currently a work-in-progress and will be released at a later date in future updates.

  • Beast Breathing
  • Moon Breathing
  • Snake Breathing
  • Sound Breathing
  • Sun Breathing

That’s everything we know about Breathing Styles in Roblox Demonfall. We’ll update this post with additional information as more styles are released, and update any forms if they are changed in the future!

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