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DogLife Top Dog Guide – Price & Bitizenship

DogLife is the new game by the developers at Candywriter who made the popular game BitLife. Instead of playing the life of a human, you will now be trying your paw at the life of a dog. You will sniff, play, and get into all sorts of trouble as you go through your days as various different breeds. Many players of BitLife are wondering about if their Bitizenship will carry over into this game, well the answer will be disappointing.

DogLife Top Dog

DogLife has the equivalent of Bitizenship in BitLife, and it is known as Top Dog. If you purchase it, you will gain the following benefits:

  • All Dog Breeds
  • All Cat Breeds
  • Customize Appearance & Attributes
  • Edit Humans & Animals
  • Locate Lost Animals
  • Dark Mode
  • No Advertisements
Bitlife Top Dog Membership ImageBitlife Top Dog Membership Image

All of these will cost you $2.99 USD to obtain in the game. Alternatively, you can open up all of the Dog or Cat breeds for $1.99 USD each. Those are obviously the lesser option, and for one extra dollar you will get everything in the game.

Now for the big question for some, will your Bitizenship carry over into DogLife? The answer is, no it won’t. DogLife is a completely separate game, so it wouldn’t really make a lot of sense if it did. You will need to pay for things in DogLife whether or not you have purchased things in BitLife!

If you plan to play DogLife in the long-term, then it is pretty much a no brainer that you should get Top Dog. It’s reasonably priced, and you unlock all of the things you could want. Just the removal of advertisements will be worth it to some people, but others might not mind that sort of thing.

That’s all of the information we have about Top Dog in DogLife! You can find out more about the game in the DogLife section of our website.

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