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Frost Queen Cookie – Best Toppings and Builds for Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile builder and battle RPG game where you build up a team of of powerful cookie based heroes to take on the evildoers who have wreaked havoc on the kingdom. In the process, you will be able to build a beautiful town that is filled with delicious buildings that not only look great but will help you battle your way to victory! Frost Queen Cookie is a Magic, and if you want to know what the best toppings are for Frost Queen Cookie, we have a guide for you!

Frost Queen Cookie – Best Toppings and Builds

The best toppings for Frost Queen Cookie are 5x Searing Raspberry, which will give the Cookie +5% attack and make them more powerful in battle, and/or 5x Swift Chocolate to take advantage of the cooldown reduction it offers, depending on what you find yourself needing more (power or use of the skill).

Frost Queen Cookie is a Magic-type Cookie and is prioritized in the Middle, and they do both single target DMG as well as freeze enemies and do area damage from Frost with their Freezing Squall skill.

The official description of Frost Queen Cookie’s skill set reads as follows: “Casts an ice squall, dealing damage, freezing all enemies, and applying the Frost debuff. Once Frozen, the targets’ Cooldown will be paused and will receive an additional portion of damage when thawed. Targets resistant to Freezing receive only a portion of the DMG. If the Freeze debuff is dispelled, the targets will not receive the additional damage. Frost Queen Cookie herself is immune to freezing. While Frost Queen Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Remember, you can also upgrade Toppings by using Topping Pieces and Coins. For example, XS can be upgraded to +6, S to +9, and M to +12. Each time you successfully upgrade the Topping, it will receive a random bonus effect. If you’ve successfully upgraded a S topping, it can have two random bonus effects while upgraded M toppings can have three random bonus effects.

These bonus effects include improvements for attack, attack speed, buff amplification, cooldown reduction, crit %, crit resist, DMG resist, debuff resist, defense, and HP.

Toppings Cheat Sheet

Of course, you can always experiment with different Toppings if you want to change up your play style or just get a better understanding. We recommend Searing Raspberry and/or Swift Chocolate for Frost Queen Cookie, so you can see how they impact this Cookie’s build below.

Bouncy Caramel1.1%1.5%1.7%Increases attack speed, +1% w/2x Bouncy Caramel, +2% w/5x Bouncy Caramel
Fresh Kiwi0.4%1.1%1.8%Increases debuff resistance, +1% w/2x Fresh Kiwi, +2% w/5x Fresh Kiwi
Hard Walnut1.0%2.0%3.0%Increases defense, +3% w/3x Hard Walnut, +5% w/5x Hard Walnut
Healthy Peanut1.0%2.0%3.0%Increases HP, +3% HP w/2x Healthy Peanut, +5% w/5x Healthy Peanut
Hearty Hazelnut1.1%1.5%2.1%Increases crit resistance, +10% w/2x Hearty Hazelnut, +20% w/5x Hearty Hazelnut
Juicy Apple Jelly1.0%2.0%3.0%Increases crit %, +5% w/5x Juicy Apple Jelly
Searing Raspberry1.0%2.0%3.0%Increases attack, +3% attack w/3x Searing Raspberry, +5% with 5x Searing Raspberry
Solid Almond1.0%1.5%1.7%Increases DMG resistance, +5% w/5x Solid Almond
Sweet Candy0.4%1.1%1.8%Amplifies buffs, +1% w/2x Sweet Candy, +2% w/5x Sweet Candy
Swift Chocolate0.4%1.1%1.8%Reduces cooldown, +5% cooldown reduction w/5x Swift Chocolate

Generally, if you are looking to increase a Cookie’s damage, you’ll want to consider Bouncy Caramel, Juicy Apple Jelly, Searing Raspberry, and Swift Chocolate as toppings. If you are looking to increase a Cookie’s durability or survivability, you’ll want to consider Fresh Kiwi, Hard Walnut, Healthy Peanut, Hearty Hazelnut, and Solid Almond.

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That completes our guide on Frost Queen Cookie Toppings to help you get the best build for this playable Cookie! Check out the rest of our Cookie Run Kingdom coverage.

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