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Frostpunk 2 publisher delays new Fallout style RPG game

The Thaumaturge is one of the most compelling RPGs on the horizon, with a novel setting in early 20th-century Poland and design that emphasizes creative decision making as much as it does combat. Unfortunately for those looking to check out the classic Fallout, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Disco Elysium reminiscent RPG for themselves, the wait is going to be a little bit longer now that the game’s creator has announced a delay. The good news is that The Thaumaturge hasn’t been bumped too far back and not for worrying reasons. In fact, work on the game is already complete.

The delay was announced today on X (formerly Twitter), with a post explaining that The Thaumaturge has been moved from its original February 20 launch date to March 4 in order to avoid coming out at the same time as RPG games like Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. ‘The game is complete,’ the post reads, ‘but we want to give it space so it can be enjoyed the way we believe it deserves.’

The Thaumaturge launch delay announcment.

If you’re just hearing about The Thaumaturge for the first time, it’s created by Fool’s Theory, a team that previously worked on The Witcher at CD Projekt RED and put out its first game, Seven: The Days Long Gone, in 2017. Fool’s Theory is also currently working on a remake of 2007’s The Witcher.

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The Thaumaturge warrants attention not just for the pedigree of its creators, but also for its premise. Set in 1905 Warsaw, while the Polish city belonged to the Russian Empire, players will explore a fantastical version of history populated by paranormal beings as an occult practitioner called a thaumaturge. The game’s Steam page promises a story full of difficult choices, open-ended character creation and turn-based combat that incorporates the presence of ‘strange etheral beings.’

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