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GTA Online Snowmen Locations: All 25 + Map

GTA Online is a multiplayer action-adventure game that is playable online and was developed by Rockstar Games. For the holiday season, you’re tasked with finding and destroying all of the Snowmen in GTA online. When you destroy all of them, you’ll unlock the Snowmen outfit and receive $300,000 in GTA Online. If you need help figuring out where to find all 25 of the Snowmen locations in GTA online, we have a list and map to assist!

GTA 5 Online Snowmen Locations

There are 25 Snowmen located through Los Santos that must be destroyed. We’ve marked the map below where you’ll find a Snowman to destroy, but we also have a handy list of all Snowmen locations that you can refer to as well!

Gta 5 Snowman Map ImageGta 5 Snowman Map Image
Image: Rockstar
  • Vespucci Canals
  • South Los Santos (westside)
  • East Los Santos (eastside)
  • Downtown (center)
  • Vinewood (eastside)
  • East of Vinewood (two Snowmen)
  • Rockford Hills (north)
  • Great Ocean Highway (west of Banham Canyon, south of Tongva Hills, Chiliad Mountain, west of Paleto Bay, near Mount Gordo, and south of Mount Gordo)
  • Vinewood Hills (two Snowmen)
  • Great Chaparral (within and one to the east, south of Grand Senora Desert)
  • Tongva Valley (north, east of Tongva Hills)
  • Harmony (north)
  • Grand Senora Desert (southeast)
  • Sandy Shores (north)
  • Grapeseed (west)
  • Paleto Bay (west)

Hopefully, we helped you to find all 25 of the Snowmen locations in GTA online with our tagged map of all of the places you can find and destroy snowmen this season. Check out more GTA coverage.

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