Hearthstone Colossal Keyword Guide

Hearthstone has recently announced the Voyage to the Sunkey City expansion. These releases bring a bunch of new cards to the game, along with some new mechanics. One of these is known as, Colossal. If you’re curious just how this new keyword is going to work once the expansion launches on April 12th, 2022, then we’ve got all the details you need.

The idea behind the Colossal keyword in Hearthstone is that the minion card is so big that it has extra appendages that can synergize with the main portion of the card. Another pretty significant aspect of this mechanic is that the appendages of the card will be summoned whether or not it was played from hand. That means you can build a deck that pulls the card from the deck and onto the battlefield while still getting the benefit of the Colossal keyword!

This is quite a bit different than your typical Battlecry effect with a summon, because that would only trigger if it was played from your hand. The Colossal keyword will greatly benefit you if you are able to pull them out of your deck and on to the board.

For example, the Demon Hunter Legendary, Xhilag of the Abyss has Colossal +4. That means it will bring four Xhilag’s Stalk out with it if it is pulled from your deck or played from the hand.

Xhilag Of The Abyss Colossal ImageXhilag Of The Abyss Colossal Image

The Druid Legendary, Colaque, on the other hand has just Colossal +1 and will bring out Colaque’s Shell onto the board. This is a pretty solid defensive tool, and has to be dealt with if the opponent wants to take out Colaque!

Colaque Colossal ImageColaque Colossal Image

For now, those are all of the cards that have been revealed that have the Colossal keyword. You can expect some more of the Legendaries and possibly even some Neutrals to feature it as well!

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