Hi-Fi Rush Soundtrack and Song List

Hi-Fi Rush is centered around an aspiring rockstar, Chai, and his friends who have to fight against an evil corporation using rhythmic combat so that he can escape an experiment gone very wrong by battling department by department with a team of allies. Like most of us, you’re probably wondering what Hi-Fi Rush’s soundtrack and song list look like and what beats you will get to jam out to!

Hi-Fi Rush Soundtrack and Song List

The licensed songs that you’ll find featured in Hi-Fi Rush’s soundtrack include songs from The Black Keys, Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, The Joy Formidable, Number Girl, and Wolfgang Gartner. There’s even an official playlist on Spotify.

  • 1,000,000 by Nine Inch Nails
  • The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails
  • Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
  • Invaders Must Die by The Prodigy
  • Whirring by The Joy Formidable
  • Inazawa Chainsaw by Number Girl
  • Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony by Wolfgant Gartner

Now, if you’re a streamer, there is a streamer-friendly mode that you can enable that replaces these licensed tracks with original songs so that you can stream gameplay without fear.

We hope that this answered your question about what songs you can expect to hear in Hi-Fi Rush! Check out more of our Hi-Fi Rush coverage.

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