How to beat Zanzo Boss in Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is centered around an aspiring rockstar, Chai, and his friends who have to fight against an evil corporation using rhythmic combat so that he can escape an experiment gone very wrong by battling department by department with a team of allies. If you need to know how to defeat the third boss, Zanzo, in Hi-Fi Rush, we have a detailed guide that should help!

How to defeat Zanzo

Zanzo is the third boss in Hi-Fi Rush that Chai will encounter. At this point, you’ll have learned how to parry, which will be a helpful skill to have in rotation during the battle. Macaron is going to be essential during this battle as he is the only team member capable of breaking Z-shielding armor (which glows red) and can break it off in pieces allowing Chai to attack again.

You will need to alternate between Macaron and Peppermint as Macaron takes sometime to recharge, so call in Peppermint when he’s recharging. The battle against Zanzo is using up his budget in the fourth stage of the game. It’s not quite a traditional boss fight as it feels a lot like progressing through the main story as you tackle waves of enemies as you go from one room to the next.

In the second round in the simulator, you’ll need to defeat PGR-0101 who is equipped with a very large shield that you’ll need to call in Macaron to break it apart while you will need to avoid the charge he does so you do not get knocked back. Once the shield is broken, you will be able to use your attacks and Special Attacks on the target.

Next, you will need to parry against drones before facing off against multiple enemies with heavy shields and lighter enemies that you can defeat while Macaron works on the shield-carrying enemies. This will complete Chorus 3 and put about a 25% dent in Zanzo’s budget.

In the third round, you will find yourself in a lava-drenched area where you will need to leap and jump to avoid bursts of lava. You will even need to zipline from area to area before they disappear. You will want to avoid circles that are lit up in green, as this is where lava splashes.

As you work your way through the map, you will finally encounter enemies that have shielding abilities so alternate between calling in Macaron and Peppermint while parrying to break down the shields. You will face another wave of similar enemies that require Macaron to breakdown Z-shielding armor and larger shields. Again, you’ll want to avoid green circles so you do not get hit with lava.

Next, you will want to focus and take out the lens, which becomes attackable when you’ve almost exhausted Zanzo’s budget. This will then lead to a cut scene with Zanzo and him assembling his ultimate toy, which will exhaust his budget before he is able to fully assemble it due to being defunded.

Chai will be able to “finish” him through a cut scene and obtain a USB drive about Spectra.

We hope that our guide to how to defeat the boss Zanzo in Hi-Fi Rush helped you earn a better score! Check out more of our Hi-Fi Rush coverage.

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