How to become a slayer in Project Slayers

Roblox Project Slayers is a an RPG fighting game that will have you creating a character in the world of the Demon Slayer anime and manga. You will be able to decide to continue on as a human and fight off demons, or go to the dark side and attack the people you once called your own. If you want to know how to become a slayer, we’ll tell you where in this guide.

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Slayer Guide

To become a Slayer in Project Slayers, you will first need to level up your character to 15. Then you will need to head to the Final Selection waiting area at 6am, 11am, 4pm, or 10pm EST. Once the time is right, you will then talk to Kanata Ubuyashiki & Kiriya Ubuyashiki who will give you the quests you need to complete in the forest area!

To locate the Final Selection, you will need to travel all the way to the end of the map from where you first spawn. If you just make your way from the first village you will find it at the end of the road. You can check out our Project Slayers Map to see the location.

Alternatively, you can unlock the Final Selection fast travel option by opening up the Map in your inventory and purchasing it for 1,200 Wen. You can then equip the location and talk to the Horse Guy NPC to get there instantly! Learn how to get Wen fast with our guide.

The Horse Guy can be found outside of most towns and named locations. He is nearby the first village, so you can unlock the Final Selection and not have to travel very far.

Final Selection Quests

Here’s a look at the quests you’ll need to complete once the event starts:

  • Quest 1 – Talk to Beth
  • Quest 2 – Find Beth’s Katana (Reward: 75 Exp and 250 Wen)
    • Just go up the stairs next to Beth and continue following the road until you run past a hill. turn right and you’ll find the katana in the grass near a tree.
  • Quest 3 – Take care of the Sakurai Demons (Reward: 125 Exp and 340 Wen)
  • Quest 4 – Find Ouwbae’s Food (Reward: 100 Exp and 215 Wen)
  • Quest 5 – Help Brandon Defeat 7 Yowai Demons (Reward: 150 Exp and 445 Wen)
  • Quest 6 – Help Many Defeat 5 Heikin Demons (Reward: 175 Exp and 450 Wen)
  • Quest 7 – Help Steve to defeat the Hand Demon (Reward: 450 Exp and 750 Wen)

To see how all of these are completed, you can watch this video:

Once you complete all of the quests you will be given a uniform, one free Ore, and you can now gain ranks as a Slayer. You can change your uniform by purchasing them at the Butterfly Mansion.

Slayers also get quests from Crow (which is located in your hotbar) and use certain clan skills like God Speed. You also unlock breathing progression, which requires you to use Gourds to increase.

If you want to go to the dark side, consider heading to our how to become a Demon guide! You might need to reset your race first.

That’s everything we know on how to become a slayer in the game. We’ve got more details about the experience in the Project Slayers section of our website.

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