How To Change Arrows In Dying Light 2

The ambitious post-apocalyptic open world sequel to 2015’s Dying Light, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, has an intricate combat system. The wacky parkour controls from the first game are now gone, replaced with what feels smooth and responsive.

The addition of elements from the RPG and looter genre makes combat more layered though the game does a poor job of explaining certain attributes of it. For instance, you can equip different arrow types, but Dying Light 2 doesn’t straight up tell you how to do it. If you’re wondering how you can switch between arrows on the fly, don’t fret, as this guide will tell you exactly how to do it.

Switching Arrows in Dying Light 2

Buy Arrows From Craftmasters ImageBuy Arrows From Craftmasters Image

Before you can start crafting, equipping, or switching between different arrow types in Dying Light 2, you need to get a ranged weapon. You get your first bow after progressing halfway through the story in the mission called ‘Let Waltz!’. Completing this mission not only unlock the bow but also gives you access to fast travel and the Paraglider (one of the six Nighrunner tools in Dying Light 2.)

Once you have equipped your first bow, it’s time to craft arrows. You can craft normal arrows from the get-go since you get its blueprint alongside the bow. You can buy arrows or blueprints of different arrow elemental types (fire, toxic, explosive, infected, electric, and more) from the various craftmasters scattered across the settlements in the city of Villedor.

It’s important to note that weapon mods work differently for ranged weapons than melee weapons in Dying Light 2. For melee weapons, you have to insert elemental mods into different slots to activate their effects (which binds it to that weapons), whereas for ranged weapons, you only have to craft or buy different elemental arrow types to use them across every bow and crossbow you acquire or buy.

Once you have crafted the different elemental arrows, open the weapon wheel using the right D-pad on consoles and 3 on PC, and scroll to your bow. Here you will notice the option to swap between different elemental arrow types using L1 and R1 on PlayStation, LB and RB on Xbox, and Q and E on PC.

That concludes our guide on swapping arrows in Dying Light 2. You can check more extensive game guides on various new and popular releases in the Games Guide section of our website.

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