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How to defeat Whirling Wrecker-Wheel in Genshin Impact Beetle Brawl

Genshin Impact is an open-world, action, and role-playing game that takes place in Teyvat, a magical world. The game is frequently updated with new content along with limited time events. The Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Extreme Beetle Brawl started February 16th and goes until February 27th. If you need to know how to defeat Whirling Wrecker-Wheel in Genshin Impact’s new Beetle Brawl event, we have a detailed guide for you!

How to defeat Whirling Wrecker-Wheel (Day 4)

To defeat Whirling Wrecker-Wheel, you will need to defend against its long-ranged attacks and its high-level of agility. In Friendly Spar and Honed Will difficulties, you’ll want to attack the purple, lightning ball so that it rolls into your opponent. You will need to balance your power so that it doesn’t just disappear, though. Ideally, you will need to avoid the lightning AoE that the Whirling Wrecker-Wheel has, and instead, plan to attack once the lightning has vanished.

In Fanatic Passion difficulty, you will have to use a well-timed Piercing Strike against the purple lightning orb in order to push it into your opponent and do damage.

Remember, you’ll want to hold the forward button to instruct the Onikabuto to charge its energy, and then release the forward button to consume Stamina and charge forward. When fully charged, Onikabuto will charge forward two-tiles length. To move back, you’ll hit the back button to go 1 tile backward to dodge or avoid an opponent’s attacks. Onikabuto will do a Piercing Strike move if it reaches the opponent’s exact position after charging forward. You can also cancel charging to avoid spending Stamina if your timing is wrong!

Whirling Wrecker-Wheel Beetle Brawl Rewards

Each brawl has three levels of difficulty that you can attempt. The easiest is Friendly Spar, while Honed Will is medium difficulty. These two are brawls available to play when each battle is released. The hardest difficulty is Fanatic Passion, which is only available after successfully winning a Honed Will brawl.

ObjectiveReward 1Reward 2
Clear the challenge on Friendly Spar difficulty80 Primogems4 Hero’s Wit
Clear the challenge on Honed Will difficulty40,000 Mora4 Hero’s Wit
Duel on Fanatic Passion difficulty once20,000 Mora4 Mystic Enhancement Ore

We hoped this helped you learn how to defeat Whirling Wrecker-Wheel in Genshin Impact’s new Beetle Brawl event so that you could obtain the rewards you wanted! We also have guides on how to defeat the Triple-Strike Gunblade Mage and the Mallet the Smasher. Check out more of our Genshin Impact coverage.

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