How to find secret Outlaw Pirate Missions in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has recently introduced a brand new secret set of missions to the game. These Outlaw Pirate missions see you engaging in nefarious activities on the galactic level, and come with their own set of unique rewards. If you’re looking to find the secret Outlaw Pirate missions, this guide is here to help.

Finding Outlaw Pirate Missions In No Man’s Sky

To find the Outlaw Pirate missions, you will first need to travel to space in your ship. Make sure you are in a system with a race and some kind of conflict level, even if that conflict level is stable. Without these things, you will not be able to find the Outlaw Pirate missions.

Next, activate your pulse drive for at least 20 seconds. After traveling with your pulse drive, a random event will occur. It may not always be the correct one, so you may have to enter pulse drive a few more times to get it. The random event will be called “Emergency Broadcast Detected,” and you will see a ship with solar panels for wings. This is a new ship type, and is the indicator that you’re on the right path. By answering the broadcast you will see the message “REJECT THEIR LIES, FOLLOW US TO FREEDOM.”

Freedom Message ImageFreedom Message Image

Follow these coordinates to another system. The system will be marked, so look for a Skull with the text “Signal Echo Coordinates?” on it. Entering the system and following the marker will lead you to a planet, and once you enter sub-orbit you will have to use your target sweeper to find the location of the coordinates.

Following the beacon will take you to a crashed ship’s distress beacon. You can recover the recording off this distress beacon, and after an ominous message, you will receive the rendezvous navigation beacon.

Activate the rendezvous navigation beacon in your inventory, which will mark a location for you in deep space. Travel to this location, and prepare for a space battle with some pirates. After defeating the pirates, you will receive another message and yet another waypoint to travel to.

At this point, you should have started the Voice of Freedom quest, officially getting you started with the Outlaw Pirate Missions in No Man’s Sky. Continue along with the quest line and you’ll quickly gain access to unique rewards only available in these special secret missions.

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