How to get a Shirt ID for Roblox Starving Artists

Roblox Starving Artists is among the popular genre of donation games that have been hitting the platform recently. Starving Artists puts a new twist on it, which has you drawing new art and selling it to other players for real Robux. This is obviously something players are interested in because getting Robux can be hard if you don’t have real money. If you’re wondering how to get a Shirt ID for the game, we’ll show you how in this guide.

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Starving Artists Shirt ID

To get a Shirt ID for Roblox Starving Artists, you will need to head to the main Roblox website and click on Create. Go to My Creations and then click either Shirts or T-Shirts. Upload a Shirt Template to the site, name it something, and publish it. Go to the shirt page, and at the top of the screen you will see the address to your shirt, and a number that represents the Shirt ID!

First thing to do is login to your Roblox account on some sort of web browser. This can be done on mobile or desktop, it just can’t be in the Roblox app. Hit the Create button at the top of the screen, and you will either land in the development area or see a screen telling you to Start Creating. If you get that window, just click on the “Manage my experiences” link.

Manage Experiences In Roblox ImageManage Experiences In Roblox Image

Once you’re in the My Creations area, click on the T-Shirts option to create a shirt.

Roblox Create A Shirt ImageRoblox Create A Shirt Image

You now need to download a Shirt Template to upload. Go to that page, right-click on the image and use the Save image as… option. Download it to your device in a spot where you can find it. Now back on the Roblox website, hit the Choose File button, locate the Shirt Template, and select it. Name the T-Shirt whatever you want, I named mine “Starving Artists Template Shirt”, but you can do whatever you want as long as it isn’t inappropriate.

You can upload a T-Shirt for free, however, to put it on sale you will have to pay 10 Robux. A regular Shirt is generally a bit more detailed, so you have to pay the 10 Robux upfront.

Once you’ve got your shirt created, click on the blue link to arrive at the page for it. At the top you will see the URL (web address) to the page. There will be and a number in-between two forward slashes (/). That number is the ID you need to enter into the game.

Roblox T Shirt Id Number ImageRoblox T Shirt Id Number Image

Before you do this though, hit the three dots button next to the name of your shirt and click on the Configure option in the menu. Once you arrive at the Configuration area, hit the Sales option on the side of the screen.

To make actual Robux, you have to complete this step. Make sure the Item for Sale switch is Green, and then enter in the amount of Robux you want to sell your artwork for. This can be changed later, but I recommend keeping it relatively low if you actually want to sell anything.

Roblox T Shirt Configure Sales ImageRoblox T Shirt Configure Sales Image

You should now be all ready to go to sell artwork and make some Robux. Just head into the Starving Artists game, claim a booth, and create a piece of artwork. Once it is ready, go to one of your Canvases, select the artwork, and then you will be prompted to enter in the shirt ID. Copy it from the URL as shown before, and then select your frame.

Roblox Shirt Id Starving Artists ImageRoblox Shirt Id Starving Artists Image

Hit the Done button and it should be ready to go! You might also see your shirt listed automatically, which you can also select instead of having to enter in the Shirt ID.

That’s everything you should need to know to get the Shirt ID for Roblox Starving Artists. be sure to check out the Roblox section of our website for more great content!

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