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How to get a Spike Thrower in Horizon Forbidden West

The sequel to 2017’s breakout hit Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, is a carefully curated sequel that improves upon its predecessor in almost every respect. From high narrative stakes to high production values, it’s immediately evident that Horizon Forbidden West is a different beast altogether, one that has no intention of being in the shadow of its critically acclaimed predecessor.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s hunter-Esque combat system carries over in Horizon Forbidden West, with Aloy’s primary weapons once again being a bow and a tripcaster. There are plenty of new weapon types too that you unlock by completing various main quests, side quests, or by simply exploring the open world. One such weapon type is the Spike Thrower. Here’s how you can unlock a prototype variant of it early on in the game.

Prototype Spike Thrower in Horizon Forbidden West

Spike Thrower Quest Horizon Forbidden West ImageSpike Thrower Quest Horizon Forbidden West Image

Once you finish the main quest, “To the Brink,” various shopkeepers like Stitchers(Cloth Merchant) and Blacksmiths become available to use in the game’s first settlement, Chainscrape. The Blacksmith in Chainscrape are two sisters who will lure you into obtaining crafting components for a prototype weapon they are working on. Accepting their request will start the errand quest “A bigger boom,” completing which will reward you with your first Spike Thrower in Horizon Forbidden West.

The quest objective is pretty self-explanatory. You need to gather 3 Charger Horns and a Fanghorn Rib and bring it back to the blacksmith sisters to complete it. To get Charger Horns, you have to specifically target a Charger’s horn before killing or sparing it. Simply killing the Charger won’t drop its horns. Every Charger has two horns, and there are plenty of them roaming in the area where the quest marker sends you, so gathering them shouldn’t be that difficult. To gather a Fanghorn Rib, you simply have to kill a Fanghorn and loot it to get its rib.

Prototype Spike Thrower Horizon Forbidden West ImagePrototype Spike Thrower Horizon Forbidden West Image

Once you have gathered the required ingredients, return back to the sisters in Chainscrape to finish the quest and gain a Spike Thrower in the process. The Prototype Spike Thrower is a slow but high damage weapon that will come in handy against slow-moving machines. It’s especially effective against machines that are weak to fire damage as every spike deal a whopping 70 fire damage.

That concludes our guide on getting a Spike Thrower in Horizon Forbidden West. You can check out more Horizon Forbidden West stuff in the Horizon Forbidden West section of our website.

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