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How to get Akhalos in Loomian Legacy Roblox

Loomian Legacy is a Roblox game that follows Loomians, which are animal-like creatures that each have their own specialty. Trainers then capture, battle, and bond with their Loomians! If you need help figuring out how to get Akhalos in Loomian Legacy in the Holiday Event, we have a detailed guide to get this creature!

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How to get Akhalos

To get Akhalos, you will need to go hunting in the wild, so you will want to boost your chance of finding them by equipping the Roaming Charm or the Roaming LoomiBoost, if you have it, to improve the odds of finding Akhalos in the wild. This makes your odds 1 in 512 rather than 1 in 1024! The Roaming Charm can be purchased for 450 Robux. It can stack with a LoomiBoost, which would bring your chances of encountering Roaming creatures down to 1 in 128.

Akhalos Stats

Akhalos is a Ice and Water-type Loomian that is available during the annual holiday event as they roam Jolly Village. It has weakness to Brawler, Electric, Plant, and Toxic-type Loomians, while it is resistant to Air, Water, and TYpeless-Loomians. It has a major resistance to Ice-types.

We hope this helped you learn how to get Akhalos in Loomian Legacy this holiday season! Check out more of our Roblox game coverage and Roblox Codes.

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