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How to get Allay in Minecraft – Bedrock & Java 1.19!

The Minecraft Wild Update has finally been published, and players are getting a chance to dig into all of the new content that is now available to them. While some of the stuff is easy to learn, some of the additions to the game can prove to be a bit more difficult to understand. If you’re wondering where to find Allay in Minecraft, we’ll walk you through the steps in this guide.

Allay Details

To get an Allay in Minecraft, you will need to either find a Pillager Outpost or a Woodland Mansion. These are both randomly spawned generated structures that can be found in your world. Once you locate an Allay, you need to give it an item and it will follow you around until you take the item back!

There’s no guarantee you will have either a Pillager Outpost or a Woodland Mansion close by where you can locate in Allay. Your best bet is to start with a 1.19 Seed that already has one near spawn, which will give you easy access to one of the Allay spawn locations.

If you find a Pillager Outpost, you will possibly find Allays inside dark oak cages in the surrounding area. You can find 1 – 3 in each cage, so if you’re looking for multiples you will have to get lucky. You will need to be careful, as Pillager Outposts are dangerous if you aren’t geared.

Minecraft Allay Outside Pillager Outpost ImageMinecraft Allay Outside Pillager Outpost Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

Woodland Mansions, however, spawn Allays inside of jail cells that can be found inside of the building. While this is dangerous as well, it’s probably going to be the easier spot to find Allay. There are a lot of rooms, so there should be many chances for them to spawn.

Minecraft Allay In Jail Cell ImageMinecraft Allay In Jail Cell Image
Image: Minecraft / Try Hard Guides

It should be noted that there is no guarantee you will find Allay at either the Pillager Outpost or the Woodland Mansion. It’s pure random chance on whether or not the generated structure will contain them. Pillager Outposts in particular have the chance of spawning an Iron Golem instead of Allays in the cages.

Once you find an Allay, just hand them an item or use a lead on one to get them to follow you around. If you hand them an item, they will attempt to find another of that item that has been dropped nearby and will deliver it to you!

That’s everything we know about finding and getting an Allay in the game. You can learn a great deal more by heading to the Minecraft section of our website.

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