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How to Get Basara Teardrops in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is a fast-paced action game with a vibrant, stylized aesthetic and a synth-pop soundtrack, where players travel through surreal and dreamlike landscapes, battling foes, and dodging obstacles. There are many different materials and ingredients you might need to progress and craft things in the game, including many that drop from Giant Kemono. This is our guide on how to get Basara Teardrops in Wild Hearts to help!

How to Get Basara Teardrops in Wild Hearts

To get Basara Teardrops in Wild Hearts, you will need to successfully hunt and slay normal Kingtusks, which can be found at Fuyufusagi Fort (Chapter 2). This item is used for tailoring basara with a human-path twist. They are weak against Fire and Piercing/Slashing weaponry.

These are many types of Teardrops available in the game: All-Black Teardrops, Argent Teardrops, Bandit Teardrops, Brighteye Archer Teardrops, Cutthroat Teardrops, Dawn Guard Teardrops, Fuma Clan Teardrops, Garuda Teardrops, Great Juniper Teardrops, Grithide Teardrops, Jadedance Teardrops, Moonshadow Teardrops, Myorata Teardrops, Ninja Teardrops, Roaming Bard Teardrops, Sunrise Princess Teardrops, Veteran Teardrops, Wayward Brigand Teardrops, White Fang Teardrops, and Young Warrior Teardrops.

We hope our guide to how to get Basara Teardrops in Wild Hearts has helped you locate the item you need. You can also use the Cyclopedia to check what obtainable materials have a chance to drop based on the Kemono if you are uncertain. The Cyclopedia also marks where their habitat is. Check out more of our Wild Hearts coverage!

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