How to get candy fast in Royale High

The spooky season is here and that means Royale High has got their Halloween decorations set! While the holiday is a bit about the costume, it’s also a whole lot about the candy. That isn’t much different in Royale High, because you’re going to want to collect as much candy as you can! It’s used for purchasing a variety of different Halloween themed items for your character, and you can also convert it into diamonds. We’ll show you how to get yourself a bunch of candy in this guide.

Getting Candy Fast

The first thing to do to get candy is open up all of the chests that can be found around the spawn area of the new Halloween zone in the game. You start out on the Wickery Cliffs map when you enter the game, so you will want to locate all four of the candy chests. If you don’t want to track them down, you can check out our Halloween chest locations guide to find them all!

Royale High Chest 02 Location ImageRoyale High Chest 02 Location Image

After you’ve found all your chests, you’ll have two different options on how to get candy: Apple Bobbing and Trick or Treating!

Apple bobbing is likely the fastest way to get candy, but it tends to be the most boring. You can’t really AFK grind it anymore, so you will have to actively click on the apple bobbing button to do it. Autoclicking is against the rules, so if you get caught you could be banned. Do that at your own risk!

To apple bob, just look for the stations all around the fountain area. There’s signs over each location that say Apple Bobbing on them. Walk up to one of the stations and you will see a prompt that says “Play Apple Bobbing” on it. Just tap on that button and you will start bobbing. You will then have a chance to get an apple. You won’t always get one, but when you do you get 10 candy!

Royale High Apple Bobbing ImageRoyale High Apple Bobbing Image

If you want to make it less boring, you should just put on a movie, tv show, or video and click while you watch!

The more fun method, but might be a bit slower is to go trick or treating. Head up to the neighborhood area by running up the path that can be found below the Wickery Cliffs sign.

Royale High Wickery Cliffs Entrance ImageRoyale High Wickery Cliffs Entrance Image

You will eventually start seeing houses along the path. Go up to the door of the house and you will see a prompt that asks you to ring the doorbell. If you do the door will open and most of the time candy will be thrown out at you. It is between 3 – 8 candy per house. You can only visit each house once per five minutes or so. However, by the time you hit all the houses and go back, they should be ready to go again.

Royale High Doorbell Example ImageRoyale High Doorbell Example Image

The bummer about this method is that some of the time you will get a monster at the door. If the monster catches you, you will die and be sent back to spawn. You can try to fly away fast to avoid them, but you won’t always be fast enough!

This method might be a bit slower than bobbing for apples, but it’s a bit more fun! It’s up to you which option you want to take when it comes to grinding out candies.

That’s everything we know about getting candies fast in Roblox Royale High! Check out the Royale High section of our website for more details on the game.

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