How To Get Corrupt Knife In Murder Mystery 2

MM2 has become one of the most popular Roblox games in the past few years thanks to its vast collection of guns and knives players can trade and collect. But many players what to get their hands on a rare item known as the Corrupt Kinfe. Let’s learn about the significance of this item and how to get a corrupt knife in Murder Mystery 2.

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How to get a Corrupt Knife in Murder Mystery 2

murder mystery 2 corrupt knife

The only way to acquire the Corrupt knife is by trading with other players in the game. There are thousands of Corrupt knives on the market now due to duplicators but this is a positive as it brings down the overall value of the skin.

What is the corrupt knife?

When Murder Mystery 1 was launched, the game only had 12 weapons that you could choose from. These included America, Blood, Cowboy, Ghost, Golden, Laser, Phaser, Prince, Shadow, and Splitter. These are now under the vintage category of skins in Murder Mystery 2.

When the game was relaunched as Murder Mystery 2 the game’s creator Nikilis promised players that their old inventory would transfer over to the new game. But there were a small handful of players who were unable to do this. Nikilis gave them a new skin now called The Corrupted knife as compensation for the items they lost. This made the skin one of the rarest in the game and players desperately tried to get their hands on the Corrupt knife.

Now the corrupt knife still holds value in spite of the numerous duplicators on the market. This is the reason you can’t get the Corrupt Knife in any crates as only 50 or so players ever got the original skin from the game’s creator Nikilis himself.

That’s all there is to learn about the corrupt knife in Murder Mystery 2. Check out our Value list for MM2 and other Roblox-related guides on Gamer Tweak.

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