How to get Crowbar in Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is a mobile game that features a mansion that has been empty for over 40 years, and you’ll help Maddie uncover secrets and mysteries about her family and the house as she renovates and restores the mansion. If you need help on how to get a Crowbar in Merge Mansion, we have a detailed guide on what items you and need and how to merge!

How to get a Crowbar

To get a Crowbar (Level 7), you will need Tools, which drop when tapping the Tool Box. You can purchase these as you’ve progressed through the game for 25 Gems and 40 Gems; higher level Tool Boxes will have a chance to drop higher level Tools, so you may not need to merge as many items to get to the one you need. Crowbars are Level 7 of the merge chain on Tools, so you will need to merge the following items: Wrench -> Adjustable Wrench -> Mallet -> Paint Brush -> Pliers -> Hammer -> Crowbar.

There are 10 levels of Tools, so here is a Merge Cheat Sheet to help you:

Level Item Drops
1 Wrench
2 Adjustable Wrench
3 Mallet
4 Paint Brush
5 Pliers XP Star
6 Hammer XP Star
7 Crowbar XP Star
8 Screwdriver XP Star
9 Paint Roller XP Star
10 Bolt Cutters XP Star

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We hope this guide helped you make progress in cleaning up areas in Merge Mansion by knowing how to get a Crowbar ! Check out more of our game guide coverage.

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