How to get Gem Dust in V Rising – Farm & Crafting!

V Rising has you awakening as a vampire in a hostile world. You will need to find blood to regain your strength, and build your way up to the top of the vampire hierarchy. To do so, you will need to create a base for you and your friends or attempt to go it alone. If you’re looking to get Gem Dust to complete a crafting recipe, we’ll tell you where you can find it in this guide.

Finding Gem Dust

To get Gem Dust in V Rising, you will need to obtain gems and place them into The Devourer, which salvages the items you place inside. After the chest grinds it up, you will obtain Gem Dust! Alternatively, you can also hack down Gem Stones and occasionally get Gem Dust from them.

Ideally, you will want to only use the Crude Gems you get from harvesting Gem Stones in the Farbane Woods. These Gems are only useful early on, so you will likely end up with a surplus of them and they will be more useful to you as Gem Dust.

You can find the exact locations of Gem Stones in Farbane Woods using the map below, which is sourced from Map Genie. Farming it will require you to gather up as many Crude Gems as possible and then grinding them up in your Devourer chest. This is the best way to get Gem Dust right now in the game.

V Rising Gem Stone Farbane Woods Map ImageV Rising Gem Stone Farbane Woods Map Image

Gem Dust is an important material, particularly for crafting a Vampire Waygate, which allows you to teleport to any other Waygate you’ve discovered on the map. It is also used to craft the Merciless Hunter’s Crossbow, Spectral Dust, Scrolls, Major Explosive Box, Iron Castle Key, Blood Key, Siege Golem Stone, and The General’s Soul Reaper.

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