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How to get Index Tokens in Pet Simulator 99 – Roblox

Pet Simulator 99, successor to the extremely popular Pet Simulator X, allows you to unlock and collect hundreds of adorable and unique pets, and then use said pets to farm for a variety of in-game currencies and items, including Coins, Diamonds, Potions, Enchantments, and more. The more pets you collect, the more Index Tokens you’ll unlock, which can be used to purchase exclusive rewards (assuming you’ve reached Rebirth 3).

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To learn more about Index Tokens, including how to get them and where to spend them, continue reading below.

How to earn Index Tokens in Pet Simulator 99

Index Tokens, unlike other currencies in PS99, cannot be collected by farming breakables. Instead, these tokens are earned by completing entries in the Index Machine. Each time you collect a new pet, it will be added to your in-game index and you’ll earn Index Tokens. Your total amount of Index Tokens can be seen in your backpack.

To view your personal index, you’ll need to interact with either of the three Index Machines that can be found in PS99. The first machine is located in the Spawn area (Area #1), the second is located in the Haunted Graveyard area (Area #76), and the third is located in the Trading Plaza.

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These machines will show you the total number of pets that are available to obtain in the experience, along with how many pets you currently have. These machines are constantly updating as more eggs and pets are added, so it’s a great way to stay up to date with your collection.

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Each time you obtain a new pet (which includes creating gold and rainbow versions of preexisting pets), it will be worth a set number of Index Tokens. The bigger the pet, the more tokens it will be worth. The complete list of token equivalents can be found below.

  • Regular pets – 1 Index Token (All versions)
  • Huge pets – 5 Index Tokens (All versions)
  • Titanic pets – 10 Index Tokens (All versions)

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How to use Index Tokens in Pet Simulator 99

Your Index Tokens can be spent at the Index Merchant, who somehow exists within the Index Machine? Seriously though, is the merchant squished inside the actual mechanism? Or do they exist in the void of the index? Regardless, they can be accessed from the Index Machine’s menu and sell up to six items at once. These items change every so often, so feel free to leave and check back in later if there aren’t any items that interest you at the moment.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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Best ways to get Index Tokens fast in Pet Simulator 99

Realistically, the best and fastest way to get a decent chunk of pets (without paying Robux or real money) is by opening eggs, and opening as many as you can at once. By upgrading the amount of eggs you can open at one time, you’ll increase the amount of pets you receive per egg opening, which means more chances to hatch new pets and earn those tokens!

If you don’t mind spending some real money, you can also purchase Pet Simulator 99 toys from your local big box store (or online) and try your hand at getting huge pets, which, as mentioned above, give you even more Index Coins. Checking around the Trading Plaza for Titanic or Huge pets and purchasing them from other players is also a good way to ensure an influx of Index Coins, though that will likely get very expensive very quickly!


That’s all there is to know about Index Coins in Pet Simulator 99. If you enjoy collecting pets during new updates and trading with friends, you’ll likely earn these coins passively just by playing, so don’t stress to hard about not having a ton—they don’t really do all that much!

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