How to get Steel in Roblox The Survival Game

Roblox The Survival Game will have you looking to survive in a medieval world! You will need to find food, build shelter, form kingdoms with other players to keep yourself alive. Make sure to keep alert, because not all players are friendly and they might be part of other kingdoms. If you want to know how to get yourself some Steel, we’ll tell you how in this guide.

Where to find Steel

To get Steel in The Survival Game, you will need to craft it with a Steel Smelter. Steel cannot be found as collectible resource in the world, it can only be made through smelting Coal and Iron together. Each Steel Bar requires 5x Coal and 10x Iron.

If you haven’t gotten yourself through Copper yet, you will want to do so because you will need Copper Nails and Bricks to craft the Iron Forge, which can only be created via the Copper Smithy.

Coal is pretty easy to find, you should come across it fairly often, but if you aren’t sure where to go to get it. You can head to these locations on the map:

Survival Game Coal Map ImageSurvival Game Coal Map Image

While you will need a fair amount of Coal, you will also need a whole lot of Iron. one of the best spots for Iron is located in a secret area in a cave. To find this location, first sail to the area with two Stone Statues carved into the sides of the mountains.

The Survival Game Stone Statues ImageThe Survival Game Stone Statues Image

Go between the two islands and on the left side (the island with the statue that is missing its head), you will find a cave. Go inside of the cave and to the very right path. Stay to the right and you will eventually come to a small bit of water, which means you’re going the right way. Keep going forward and you will eventually reach a boulder.

The Survival Game Boulder ImageThe Survival Game Boulder Image

Use your pickaxe on the boulder to destroy it! It might take a while if you’ve got a low level pickaxe. Once it has been destroyed, it will open up a cave where you can find five or so Iron Ore spawns!

Survival Game Iron Spawn ImageSurvival Game Iron Spawn Image

If you haven’t already, craft yourself an Iron Forge using 2x Copper Nails and 6x Bricks. Once you have your Iron Forge, you will then need to craft the Steel Smelter. This unit requires 4x Shingles, 6x Wood Planks, 4x Iron Nails, and 10x Bricks. Shingles can only be crafted via the Iron Forge.

Once you have all the required resources, you can finally place your Steel Smelter. You will now just need 5x Coal and 10x Iron to create a Steel Bar. Each Steel recipe requires about 2 – 3 bars to create, so make sure to gather up quite a bit of Iron and Coal to kit yourself out with all Steel equipment!

That’s all you need to know about getting Steel in the game. If you want to learn more, be sure to head to The Survival Game section of our website.

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