How to get the Dominus Egg in Pet Simulator X

Roblox Pet Simulator X is a hot new game that just about everyone is playing. The object is to gather up pets, send them off to attack piles of coins, boxes, presents, safes, and vaults to collect diamonds and coins. Use those currencies to purchase new pets and unlock new stages in the game. Once you’re deep into the game, you will start collecting late game pets to have the highest overall pet score across all of Roblox! That’s where Dominus come in, because they are the highest tier pets you can get right now. So, how do you get them?

How to get the Dominus Egg

To get the Dominus Egg in Pet Simulator X, you will first need 100,000 Diamonds. Once you’ve managed to collect that many, you can go behind the egg store area to the locked door and sacrifice them. This will open up the door to the Dominus room. With that area open, you can now purchase a Dominus Egg for 1 billion coins!

If you’re low on Diamonds, then make sure to go and use the freebies via our Pet Simulator X codes page. Another way to get Diamonds is to complete achievements. These include breaking vaults, presents, crates, chests, coins, and safes. You will also get them for opening eggs, getting gold pets, and fusing pets. You get about 1,000 Diamonds each time you complete one of these, which is a nice chunk to the total. Leveling up your character gives you a bunch as well, but this takes a while.

One of the best ways to get Diamonds is to make sure to go grab your rank reward that is near the pet area, because that drops a large bundle of Diamonds on you depending on what level you’re at! This refreshes every seven hours or so, be sure and grab that so you don’t miss out!

Roblox Pet Sim X Rank Reward ImageRoblox Pet Sim X Rank Reward Image

The Dominus pets are some of the most powerful in the game, but they can go further then what you will get out of an egg. Once you start stacking them up, you can then head over to the fusing area and try to upgrade them to a Domortuus. That’s the highest tier pet in the game right now, and if you can manage to get it to rainbow, it ends up being the most powerful in the game!

That’s everything to know about the Dominus Egg in Pet Simulator X. Be sure to check out our guide one what you can do with Diamonds in the game!

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