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How to get the MC Beanie from Mariah Carey in Livetopia on Roblox

Livetopia is an immersive, roleplaying Roblox game where you can be whoever you want do whatever you like. It is known for having real-world celebrities participate and highlighted during special events. For example, during this holiday season, Mariah Carey is featured! If you need help on how to get the MC Beanie from Mariah Carey, we have a detailed guide!

How to get MC Beanie from Mariah Carey

To get the MC Beanie, also known as the Mariah Carey Beanie, you will need to find three candy canes in Livetopia. Once you find all three candy canes, you’ll equip them so that you can place them onto the Christmas tree back in the City.

We recommend that you start by spawning in a vehicle, as you’ll have to travel across the map in order to find the three candy canes.

Candy Cane Locations for MC Beanie

To find the Candy Canes needed to get the MC Beanie in Livetopia, you will need to visit these three locations: 1) at the ordering window for the Ice Cream truck, 2) hot air balloon (next to it), 3) inside the bowling alley, just to the left of the entrance on a small table.

We hope this guide helped you get the MC Beanie from Roblox’s Livetopia before the holidays were over! Check out more of our Roblox coverage and Roblox codes.

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