How to Get Tin Ore in Core Keeper

Core Keeper is the hottest indie game on Steam right now. The newest survival and crafting game puts the player underground as they explore the underground caves. Like other crafting games, players will use several ores of differing quality to get better equipment or gear.

Tin ore is needed to craft the second-tier crafting bench, allowing players to make better stations. That being said, it can be challenging to find in the early part of your game. This guide will show you where to find tin on your map in Core Keeper.

How to Find Tin in Core Keeper

To get Tin in Core Keeper, you’ll need to locate the Clay Caves biome, which is noticeable by the orange clay-colored ground on your map. Once you’re in the clay area, look for the sparkles and mine them to obtain Tin!

The tin ore will sparkle and is grey in the rock, making it discernable from copper or gold. With the tin ore, you can craft the tin workbench and access the next tier of crafting stations and gear. With these tools, the player can even challenge the first boss.

If you’re having trouble finding The Clay Caves, consider moving your paths further out in one direction. Pack food and multiple tools, and make sure that you remember how to get back. Then, once you find The Clay Caves, you can fill up your backpack and go back.

Core Keeper Tunnels ImageCore Keeper Tunnels Image

When you’re first exploring in the early game, you’re likely to stumble on a few pieces of tin around the map. Whether from loose crates or blobs of goo, you’re not expected to get enough to make a difference. You’ll need to find at least 15 tin ore to make the crafting table.

After you make the tin crafting table, you’ll have access to the tin level of gear. This will mean you’ll need a reliable source of the resource if you’re going to make all of it. This is also how you’ll unlock new crafting stations and tools that expand your game.

Once you find The Clay Caves, you’ll be that much closer to progressing to the next level in your game. Just keep digging your tunnels further out, and you’re sure to find tin ore in no time at all. That’s all you need to know about finding tin in Core Keeper. Be sure to check out the Core Keeper section of our website for more great content!

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