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How to get Water Breathing in Demonfall

Roblox Demonfall has you exploring a vast land that has been corrupted by Demons and is protected by Slayers. If you’re against the Demons in this game, then you will be looking for a breathing technique to call your own. There’s many to choose from, and one of these options is the Water Breathing technique. If this sounds like one you’d like to try for yourself, we’ll guide you through the process of obtaining it in this guide.

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Water Breathing Guide

Time needed: 20 minutes.

To get Water Breathing in Demonfall, you will need 2,000 Yen and to complete a small quest that is given to you by the Water Trainer in the Coast Forest. There are two tasks to complete, one is making your way through a trap filled obstacle course and the other is slashing a boulder for a long period of time. Once you’ve completed them both, you will be trained in the art of Water Breathing!

  1. Head to Hayakawa Village

    The first step is to go to Hayakawa Village. This is the starting village if you’ve become a Slayer. Head to the fast travel NPC who sits in a wagon with horses. He will be at the edge of town. Don’t go anywhere with him, this is just where we’re going to start the guide. Make sure you have 2,000 Yen before you head over to the trainer, or you won’t be able to start the quest!Demonfall Water Breathing Step1 ImageDemonfall Water Breathing Step1 Image

  2. Follow the Signs to the Coast Forest

    Head in the direction of the Coast Forest, you will be running through the Frosty Forest. Double tap the W key to sprint, and keep using the Q key to dash forward to speed up the travel time. You should follow this path for a while heading straight until you reach a sign. This will tell you the Coast Forest is to the right, and you should continue to follow it.Demonfall Water Breathing Step2 ImageDemonfall Water Breathing Step2 Image

  3. Find the Water Breathing Trainer

    Now that you’ve reached the Coast Forest, continue on the path until you see stairs and a platform directly in front of you. You will need to jump and use wall-jump to climb up it to reach the top. Before you get to the top, there’s a very tall platform. Go to the corner where it meets the tallest platform and jump from wall to wall to get to the top. You can use the Q dash in mid-air to push yourself forward if you don’t think you’re going to make it!Demonfall Water Breathing Step3 ImageDemonfall Water Breathing Step3 Image

  4. Talk to the Water Breathing Trainer

    When you’ve reached the top of the platforms and are on grass, head to the right and you will see a small hut with the Urokodaki sitting out front who is the Water Breathing trainer. Talk to him and hand over 2,000 Yen to start the process of learning this art.Demonfall Water Breathing Step4 ImageDemonfall Water Breathing Step4 Image

  5. Complete the Parkour/Obby and Traps area

    This is a tricky part to explain, so I would recommend checking out the video below. You will need to make your way through an obstacle like course that is littered with traps and parkour/obby areas without dying. You have 6 minutes to complete it, but you will want to take your time because if you rush you’ll run into traps or fall off a cliff to your doom. This part is pretty difficult, so don’t feel too badly if you struggle. When you reach the end talk to the trainer to complete it.Demonfall Water Breathing Step5 ImageDemonfall Water Breathing Step5 Image

  6. Sword slash the Strong Boulder

    Talk to the trainer again to start the next step. This is the easy/boring part of the quest. All you need to do is slash at the big boulder that is nearby. If you have an auto-clicker, I would recommend using it because there’s no reason to waste your time clicking a million times.Demonfall Water Breathing Step6 ImageDemonfall Water Breathing Step6 Image

  7. Get Water Breathing

    After you’ve slashed the boulder a bunch of times and completely removed its health then you will be teleported back again and when you arrive you will now have Water Breathing!Demonfall Water Breathing Step7 ImageDemonfall Water Breathing Step7 Image

Video for Parkour Section

Water Breathing Details

Calm and Relax

  • Passive: Each hit gets 15% of breath bar


  1. Surface Slash – Simple water sword slash
  2. Water Wheel (Guard Break) – Dashes and attacks forward as a wheel of water
  3. Flowing Dance – Slashes sword multiple times and creates after images to confuse enemy
  4. Striking Tide – Dash forward and slash sword in a wave
  5. Whirlpool (Guard Break) – Slashes sword extremely fast in a 360 motion to create a huge whirlpool of water

That’s everything we know about getting Water Breathing in Roblox Demonfall. Be sure to check out our posts on all of the Breathing Styles and Families you can join!

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