How to get Wheelbarrows in Merge Mansion for The Conservatory

Merge Mansion is a mobile game that features a mansion that has been empty for over 40 years, and you’ll help Maddie uncover secrets and mysteries about her family and the house as she renovates and restores the mansion. In 2023, The Conservatory became a new, playable area. If you need help on how to get Wheelbarrows in Merge Mansion, we have a detailed guide on what items you and need and how to merge!

How to get Wheelbarrows

To get a Wheelbarrow (Level 9), you will need to merge Gardening Tools up to the ninth level. Gardening Tools drop from Gardening Toolboxes primarily, but they can also be obtained from Simple Brown Boxes, Green Boxes, and of course, the Shop. You will need to merge the following:

Level Item
1 Garden Knife
2 Garden Fork
3 Pruning Shears
4 Axe
5 Spade
6 Knife
7 Leaf Rake
8 Hedge Shears
9 Wheelbarrow

The Gardening Toolbox is a Tool Barrel (Level 4), which is created from merging a Closed Tool Crate -> Dusty Tool Crate -> Tool Crate -> Tool Barrel (I). Higher level Tool Barrels also have a chance to drop Gardening Tools.

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We hope this guide helped you make progress in cleaning up The Conservatory by knowing how to get Wheelbarrows! Check out more of our game guide coverage.

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