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How to get X-Chara in A Universal Time (AUT)

There’s a variety of unique and interesting Stands, items, and Forms that you can obtain in Roblox A Universal Time. While some are easy to get, a lot of the others have quests you’ll need to complete, or will only occur under rare circumstances. If you’re looking to get the X-Chara, then we will take a look at what you will need to do to get it in this guide.

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X-Chara Guide

To get X-Chara in AUT, you will need to first get the Sans form. You can get Sans by obtaining the Bone item. This can be purchased from the item shop for a whole lot of money, found in a treasure chest, or dug up from sand debris. The chests are your best option, because you will have a 9% chance to get one out of it. Sand debris is only a 2% chance, and we also need another item from the chests anyway! So, farm chests until you get the Bone, and use it on yourself to get the Sans form.

Once you have the Sans form, you will now need to locate the X-Soul item. This can only be obtained from chests or by trading with another player. Chests are probably just going to be easier, and you get a lot of useful stuff out of them anyway. If you’re able to get the X-Soul item, you can then use it on yourself while you have the Sans form equipped to obtain X-Chara!

X-Chara Abilities

The X-Chara has you wielding a huge knife that you rest on your shoulder. If you press the Q button, you will use the Overwrite ability which turns the sword pink/purple. Some of the moves require you to be in the Overwrite form to utilize.

  • Glitch Stab (Overwrite) (E) – Slash your knife to deal damage and slow down your enemy for a couple of seconds.
  • Double Tap (R) – Swing and launch yourself upwards into the air along with your enemy if they are hit. You will then slam them back down to the ground.
  • Knife Barrage (Overwrite) (R) – Send your enemy up into the air where they will be slashed by multiple knives.
  • Code Valley (T) – Summon many knives that will swarm around your enemy and lock them in place.
  • Reverse (Y) – Reverts the damage that was dealt to you.
  • Ground Control (F) – Raise your hand to summon the X-Blaster, which will fire a red beam in front of you. This can damage you, so don’t get in the way!
  • Glitch Teleport (Overwrite) (V) – Teleport forward.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get X-Chara in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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