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How to make Graphite in Builderment

In Builderment, you are looking to create an efficient factory layout that will take raw resources and turn them into advanced equipment. This may sound easy, but creating a well laid out assembly line will take planning and thought! If you’ve gotten the urge to create your own factory, you will want to know how to make some of the harder to craft items in the game!

Graphite is a mid-game material that is one of the first you will build out of your newly unlocked Forge. Graphite is used for a lot of the more complicated later game recipes, so make sure you are prepared to craft quite a bit of it. If you do not see Graphite available as a recipe in your Forge, you will need to complete more of the Technology tasks until you unlock it!

How to get Graphite in Builderment

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To make Graphite in Builderment, you will need to progress far enough in the game to unlock the Forge. Once you have done so, you will then need to feed the Forge 3 Wood Logs and 3 Coal to craft 1 Graphite!

  1. Find Wood

    You might already have a wood area going, but it’s best to find another one because you’re going to need it to craft a variety of important resources. Even if it’s super far away, it’s still good to drag it all the way back towards your construction area.Builderment Forest Wood ImageBuilderment Forest Wood Image

  2. Find Coal

    Something that might be new for you is Coal. This is a dark colored resource that can be found fairly regularly around the map. You will need to mine it and bring it along with your wood to a Forge.Builderment Coal Location ImageBuilderment Coal Location Image

  3. Create Graphite

    Those are the ingredients you need to craft Graphite. Send both of these into as many Forges as you want to create to make Graphite. I generally like nine, because you can split it up nicely with your Belt Splitters. Tap on the Forge and select the recipe to craft Graphite.Builderment Graphite Creation ImageBuilderment Graphite Creation Image

Graphite is used in many recipes, such as Batteries, Carbon Fiber, and Steel. You will need these for future items, particularly Carbon Fiber which can be converted directly from Graphite.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Graphite in Builderment! You can learn a lot more about the game in the Builderment section of our website.

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