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How to make Mud in Infinite Craft

Mud is one of the most essential components required to make humans in Infinite Craft. So, if you are trying to make a human or any living being, I suggest you read the following guide to know the shortest path to make Mud in Infinite Craft. 

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How to get Mud quickly in Infinite Craft

The fastest way to make Mud in Infinite is by adding Steam to Earth. By default, you will obtain the Earth Element at the start of the game, and the only thing required is to craft Steam. For this, add Water with Fire to obtain Steam

Once you have Steam, add it to Earth to get Mud. Voila! You have made Mud in Infinite Craft

  • Steam = Water + Fire 
  • Mud = Earth + Steam

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What is Mud in Infinite Craft?

Mud is a craftable item in Infinite Craft. Apart from water, it is one of the most required items to make living things like animals, humans, and aliens in the game. So, if you are trying to make anything related to lifeform, it has to be linked with Mud at some level.

What can you craft with Mud in Infinite Craft?

Indicative of the title, you can craft infinite items using Mud in the game. Since it is impossible to list everything, I have mentioned some of the most essential craftable components using Mud in the game below.

  • Clayton: Tarzan + Mud
  • Pig: Rainbow + Mud
  • Clay: Clayton + Mud
  • Swamp: Castle + Mud
  • Pottery: Ceramic + Mud
  • Golem: Empire Kong + Mud
  • Trump: America + Mud
  • Zombie: Mummy + Mud
  • Adam: Venus + Mud
  • Mud Dragon: Dragon + Mud
  • Fossil: Dinosaur + Mud
  • Oil: Fossil + Mud
  • Brick: Mud + Oil 
  • Adobe: Mud + Brick
  • Mudslide: Storm + Mud

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